Millions Of GAME Shares Offloaded

You may have read that the GAME share price has been plummeting, and indeed it has – at the time of writing it’s hovering at just over 1 pence per share, having dropped as low as 0.76p per share earlier today.

It seems those who hold shares are trying to flee the sinking ship whilst their investment holds a monetary value, no matter how small. This graphic from Reuters shows around 20 million shares being traded in the first few hours of today.


Analysts are recommending selling any GAME shares, but the question is, who is buying them? Someone, somewhere seems to think GAME can turn their fortunes around and if they do, they will be sitting on a small fortune.

Purchase 5,000 shares today for around £5,000 and if GAME recover and the share price heads back to a fiver a share that’s a cool quarter of a million pounds return. Just £100 could see £50,000 in your back pocket and I’m ever so slightly tempted to have a punt myself.

Someone is taking a gamble, someone may make an awful lot of money – or GAME may just go tits up and any investment will be lost.

Source: Reuters



  1. Maybe Thesixthaxis can take over Game? they can then have a special section named The Naughty Step and have a part of there future stores dedicated to Journey I guess…

    Still hope they’re at least get taken over or something would be sad to have one less place to go for games really.

  2. That is tempting! I might put £10 – £20… if I could figure out how to do it :S

    I don’t really see them coming back though. If anything they might just go online retail only.

  3. Hell day traders are probably lapping it up. Price is low and volume is there, price up 60% over the low in a single day? Lovely. Would have to had to have been quick to get in at the low price, but there’s a quick buck to be made.

  4. 5000 shares at 1p a share is £50.

    • By the looks it’s meant to be £.

      • No, its currently about 0.85p. Just under a quid, or £.085.. So 5000 shares would be £425 surely?

      • Or now just over a quid At 1.19

      • Actually it probably is pounds, i went with what eurogamer and tsa were quoting…. Both wrong

  5. Wonder if it would be possible to organise it so people chipped in a few bob to get Game back on its feet. Even a tenner could get you £5k.
    Imagine that – Game owned by gamers.

    • I’m in! where do i put my money?

      • Send me a blank cheque and I’ll sort it out… ;)

  6. Not really much of a gambler & never been into the whole ‘share’ thing, so i don’t think this is for me. The odds sound good of course, but it’s entirely reliant on Game picking back up again (through one means or another). I think i’d rather donate directly to Game to be honest.

    Although, considering the staff still know very little about their current situation & the group don’t seem to be doing a great job of pulling themselves out of the hole that they dug themselves, i suspect that my donation may just end up in a directors back pocket. :(

  7. I am a stockbroker by day, mediocre gamer by night. I would love to be the official TSA broker, heh. Although I haven’t heard anything about people buying up Game shares today, so who knows who is doing it???

    • Someone is, trying to find out atm.

  8. I’ve worked for a stock broker for the last 15 years and I’d say it’s definitely NOT worth a punt!

    Also, you would pay stamp duty on any purchase, which is 0.5% and then also commission to buy and then again to sell.

    • Indeed. I was simplifying for the masses :)

      • good job you did too as this is a world that baffles me! is it like playing fruit machines?

  9. Looks like there was a late burst of trading before close.. hmm maybe an announcement tomorrow?

  10. Since GAME were only worth £3 at their absolute peak, I can’t see them ever being worth a fiver.

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