Podcast: Episode 55 – Kara, Journey and I Am Alive

I was back from the dead this week but since recording, Lewis seems to have been horribly ill so perhaps I’ve skyped him a disease. Which is a shame, because I like to look into my victim’s eyes as I breathe germs on them. Anyway, there was a lot to talk about this week and, as usual, we avoided most of it.

[drop2]There was some talk about the situation with Game’s continuing woes, Peter Molyneux leaving Lionhead and his role at Microsoft and then we discussed the Kara tech demo that Quantic Dream showed off at some length. Then Kris stayed quiet for about ten minutes while the grown ups (ha!) talked about Journey. There were some mild spoilers in this bit but it’s not difficult to skip ahead if you want to avoid them.

Kris talked at length about I Am Alive and we discussed how it hadn’t been very successful at building on the promise I’d seen in the preview. Then Lewis told us about Paranormal Activity 3, from the directors behind Catfish, and how it also felt like it failed to live up to its promise.

We finished up the second half with our quiz, which I put together during a state of semi-lucid shivering, and the usual raft of listener’s questions.

There’s a great thread up in the forums where you can suggest a new feature for the podcast. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear something just throw your ideas out there and we’re going to see what we can do with them.

NOTE: We’ve uploaded the track without sound effects and music. There’s a few moments of silence, sorry about that. We’ll put the full mixdown up tomorrow so if you miss the funny noises and the ace theme tunes please come back tomorrow and get them.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Don’t think I’ve heard of Journey. What’s it about?

    • It’s about how you shouldn’t stop believin’.

    • haha, we have been banging on about it a fair bit but in our defence, it is excellent.
      I’ll try to make sure we don’t talk about it /too/ much after the wider release on Wednesday… a bit though… because it’s ace.

    • Is it not about a journey? :-}
      Thought it was a bit short, although I haven’t collected all the shiny things yet.

  2. if Leonidis isn’t greek because he’s a spartan, doesn’t that apply to Kratos as well, he was a spartan wasn’t he?

    and Kris,, you didn’t get number 7?
    a you call yourself a comic fan.
    you haven’t, gasp, only seen the film.
    have you? O_O

    i’d like to give my answer to the ported game question.
    i’d like to see panzer dragoon saga ported, to any format actually.
    so i can finally play the content past the first disc.

    and that flashback film Kev was describing, i swear i’ve seen that.
    it was a good film if it’s the one i’ve seen.

    • Isn’t Panzer Dragoon Saga the RPG on Playstation? Would love to see more PSone Rpgs on PSN than PSP rpgs.

      • Panzer Dragoon Saga was only on the saturn, and released in such small numbers that it was virtually impossible to find a copy in the pre ebay and amazon days when it was released.

        what i don’t get is they gave away the entire first disc, of 4, of the game with the official saturn magazine, but then hardly released any copies of the actual game.
        so i got to play it, to find out how good it was and how much i liked it, but then not be able to buy it.

        sadly, i doubt Sega will ever create a port of Saga, apparently they’ve lost all the original source code, so they’d either have to remake it from scratch or reverse engineer a retail copy.

        if sega had released more copies, i could have seen it being a big seller, especially after the demo disc.


        the ps1 game you’re thinking of might be The Legend of dragoon.


        that was a pretty good ps1 rpg, that is also going for silly money on ebay now because of it’s rarity, i just checked and people are asking a hundred quid for a copy.

        i’d love to get a copy, but i’m not paying that much.
        maybe when there’s a psn version on the us store i’ll get it, then i can get parasite eve as well.

        also, somebody’s asking 200 for Saga on ebay. O_O

  3. Is it only me or at the end of the podcast is Kris about 2 mins out compared to everyone else. Everyone is talking about new names while Kris is ending the cast :S

    • I think the upload was buggy, the guys are redoing it as far as I know.

      • Yep it should be all good once the podcast fairy works her uploady magic (probably some point on tuesday).

        P.s. The podcast fairy is Kris.

  4. I can’t believe kris didn’t get the watchmen question, I’ve only seen the film but I know about the squid and thought it was obvious.

    And kev you’re fired for messing up the ending, it makes kris sound insane haha.

    • You’re the second person to fire me today! This isn’t a public elimination you know – unless Big Al or Big P say so then I’m allowed to stay. Maybe…

  5. Excellent podcast guys. The ironic thing is that i titled the question for this episode, may contain sound effects and it didn’t contain any.

    It was Gamestation that tricked people into giving their souls away. Kev, Big P has told me to strip you of your wages this week and forfeit any bonuses that you were due. *strips Kev of his wages*.

    I think Kris lost it at the end. ;) Plus, how did you managed to forget to put in the intro music Kev? Do you need to get updated to Kevatron500? :p

    • There was no forgetting, just a stupid error which meant the audio program couldn’t find the files when it came to render everything. It’s fixed now, if you’d like to listen again in all its audio glory.

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