Crytek’s Ryse Still Alive and Well

Crytek has addressed fears over the prospects of their Kinect-enabled Roman-themed game, Ryse. In an interview with CVG, the GM of Games at Crytek said that the project was hitting milestones.

Nick Button-Brown said that they were “really happy with it and at some stage will be showing and giving more information about it” before warning that “Unfortunately we’re kind of constrained by our publisher.” Which, we assume, means that Microsoft is being cautious about showing too much too soon.


So far, despite the game appearing at the last two E3 keynotes in some form, all we’ve seen of it is last year’s trailer.

Crytek has also teased a big announcement of a console and PC game for next month. No details on that yet, other than the fact that it’s not Ryse and it’s not them taking over Homefront, as some have suspected.

Source: CVG



  1. Ryse from your grave!

  2. Reminds me of sorcery announced long ago & just died..I know its now being released this year but just saying

  3. Reminds me of “Die by the Sword”, although im sure it wont be. If at some point you have to “dance with the roman legions” im going home

  4. Well Ryse looks, er, rubbish. I wonder if this announcement could turn out to be Timesplitters 4. If it is, let’s hope they don’t “Goldeneye Reloaded” it – i.e. abandoning its roots and becoming another CoD imitation

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