DiRT Showdown ‘Massive Damage’ Trailer

Codemasters have sent over a new video that – terrible puns aside – shows off the game’s damage system.  Apart from the silly twirling camera angles it actually looks quite nice.

Codemasters stress the damage model is “work-in-progress” (although the game’s out next month) and showcases the Rampage mode, an eight racer battle in “gladiatorial automotive auditoriums.”


Look out for the Knock Out mode, too.

You can read our hands on with the game here.



  1. Liking this more each time i see it/hear about it.

    Sounds great, i just hope it lives up to the hype.

  2. Destruction Derby?
    Still not sure about this, hope there’s a demo.

  3. Takes me back to playing Destruction Derby back in the day…this is looking good.

    • Reminds me more how every attempt to get the “8 cars in the stadium” challenge on Burnout Paradise ended up

  4. Loved Dirt,Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 but losing intrest in Showdown none of the Trailers or gameplay vids i seen have done nothing for me! hope there a demo nearer the time so i can test it first

  5. I think this game will live or die on how fun it is online.

    I do wish for Grid 2 or another rally-based Dirt 4, however this game is spawned from research into what modes people where playing on Dirt 3 and I loved playing the capture the flag modes etc online.

    • The crossover racing in this actually reminds me of the original Grid. The traditional post tourney DD’s that we used to have were great fun and im looking forward to this as it should be epic in multiplayer.

      • This was my thought (not so much the Grid aspect as i never played it though) – The mp modes should be an absolute blast & i don’t have to be hung up on whether i am holding you guys up with my ineptitude on rally courses.

        All good for me! :)

  6. Looking good, definitely gonna get this at some point.

  7. I bet it don’t have any sort of split-screen mode, YAWN, Zzzzz :-/

    A 4 player split-screen mode with Bots(i.e Cars = Bots)would be amazing i think:P 3 friends on same TV = FUN:P (remember that old-skool gamers, multi-format gaming FUN with REAL PEOPLE! ! !) LoL:D

  8. Sounds good, fun games Dirt….

  9. I am glad they’ve made the most boring aspect of any race-game into a stand alone game. Let’s hope now they’ll leave it out when a real new Dirt comes out. What is this bs anyway?

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