Gundam F2P Shooter Coming To PSN

This week’s Famitsu contains the first details on an upcoming Gundam title from Namco Bandai. According to the announcement, the game will be called Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation and will be free to download via the PlayStation Network.

Developed by Gundam Memories developer B.B. Studio, the F2P title will be centred around 6-on-6 mech deathmatches. Battle Operation will launch in late June, Namco yet to disclose whether it will launch in other regions or how it profit from the endeavour. We suspect a heavy customisation system which will encourage players to buy flashy combat gear for real cash.


Battle Operation adds to the growing list of free-to-play games available for the PlayStation 3 including. MMOs Free Realms and DC Universe Online have been in circulation for over a year now with EVE spin-off shooter, DUST 514, expected to launch later in 2012.

Source: Siliconera



  1. I’m loving how many developers are jumping on the free-to-play/freemium idea. If this is done well and with DUST 514 coming this year as well, free-to-play could take off!
    Any word if this will be completely free to play or freemium?

    • Free to play is absolutely massive on the PC platform, and I anticipate this is just the tip of the iceberg for consoles.

      Games such as Super Monday Night Combat, Ghost Recon Online, and Tribes: Ascend have that console-ready feel to them and could easily stand-out among the wave of generic shooters out there.

      It all comes down to cost however. If Publisher X can inject a decent sum of money in an average shooter and get a healthy return, why should they inject a similar amount into a game which may not even turn up a profit.

      Small studios are actually the ones looking to take these risks and it’s paying off, at least in terms of how well games such as those mentioned above are being received.

  2. DAMN, PSN only.

  3. This seems like a bit of a license to print money (in Japan at least) – kit you out with a basic GM or Zaku to start, and charge for better weapons and units. If they staggered the release of the various MS/MA well enough, they’re sure to get people buying multiples.

  4. Hopefully I can buy Wing Zero or God Gundam, even Master Gundam for like 10,000 yen then I can go to the top. *evil laugh*

    Sounds exciting shame its unlikely to make it to Europe

  5. Hope this makes it to the EU. Looks like something I would be interested in.

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