Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Another Success Story

Wasteland 2 is a project many have been clamouring to see given the green light for years. Unfortunately, according to its developers inXile, publishers have not shown the same levels of ethusiasm for the project.

After seeing multiple publishers decline his pitch, Brian Fargo turned to Kickstarter. In the wake of the DoubleFine Adventure phenomenon we’re all looking on with interest to see whether that example was a simple case of the right project, the right presentation and the right moment in history or whether this crowdsourcing funding model has a future.


Well, Fargo said that it would cost $1 million to get the game made but that he’d stump up $100,000 of his own cash if the Kickstarter crowd dug deep for the other $900,000. They’ve hit their target after just 48 hours and it’s still climbing steadily, with 33 days to go.

OSX support and a larger game world are the first priorities for the extra cash which is now flowing in, although we imagine that as the budget rises, so will the scope of all aspects of the game.

So, the crowdsourced video game development model is looking slightly more resilient than some predicted. Will it be here to stay on a long term basis? Only time will tell, in the meantime, go back some awesome gaming projects!

Source: Kickstarter



  1. looking through the rewards, I can’t believe some people paid £10,000! If you have the money and the love I guess.

    • There’s also the desire to see the crowdfunding model succeed and loosen the grip that certain publishing giants have on the industry.

    • Heh, just read on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that one of the $10000 donations was from the CEO of Razer as an apology for pirating the original :)

  2. Starting to like the idea of Kickstarter projects :) Psychonauts 2 please!

    • Schafer will have to finish the other kickstarter project he’s working on first.

      • If Psychonauts 2 does happen, it will be worth the wait :)

  3. If its a game i like and can connect with, id definitely do it, even if it was SEGA asking for a . Their Kickstarter video seems to really speak truth, despite it being a parody :P

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