New El Shaddai Project Teased

Remember El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron? Released last year, this wonderful looking platformer didn’t set the charts alight in terms of sales, although it became a bit of a cult hit.

Well a new website has launched teasing the “El Shaddai New Project 2012”, with some text that roughly translates to “”Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of?”


It’s worth pointing out that this might not even be a game. I didn’t know this, but apparently the franchise has a number of things attached to it (even jeans!). If it is a game, however, we will keep you posted.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Anything El Shaddai-ish will get me excited. El Shaddai was my favourite game of 2011. I’ll happy lap up more :D

    • Was it that good was it? I saw it at Eurogamer, but i have to be honest & say that i didn’t really ‘get’ what i was looking at.

      I just put it down to age though. I can’t be far off from new music sounding like ‘noise’ now. :)

      • I can absolutely see why people wouldn’t like it. The gameplay was quite light and simplistic in many ways but the art direction and style took my breath away. Some of the 2D platforming was exceptional. I dont know, it was just one of those games that hit all my buttons and I can’t explain why. It was different but not for difference sake.

      • That’s cool – I just wanted to get a feel for it, as i really didn’t know quite what i was looking at. Seemed decent enough mind, but it was quite flashy & i just saw glimpses & it seemed to have some sort of weird heaven thing going on.

        I guess most of it is explained during the course of the game though.

  2. Won this last year with a TSA comp, got half way into it and the appeal wore off. I can admit the art style was unique and wonderful but it just became repetitive and boring after a few hours.
    Still looking forward to seeing what this is :)

    • What did you end up doing with it? Did it go into the buy it/sell it/swap it thread?

      • It went towards the limited edition of UC3 via trade in at GAME surprisingly ;)

      • Ah, fair do’s! :)

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