New Sorcery Footage Shows Off, Well, Sorcery

Do you remember when the Move was first gathering steam and Sorcery was something of a poster boy? Before running off and hiding for months that is, of course.

Well, it’s back, and from this latest video it’s not looking too shabby. The Move stuff still feels a little bit forced, but it’s a central device so it’s not going away.


I’ve got a feeling the PR for this will be ramping up soon, so expect much more on Sorcery from Sony. What do you think? Too little, too late for the beleaguered device?

Via AGB.



  1. Wonder how much Sony will price it at.

    Medieval Moves launched at £20 and can be picked up for £5-10 now.

  2. If the price is right I’ll give it a go, but not if it’s silly money.

  3. The gameplay reminds me of Harry Potter:Gears of Potter edition, well a little bit. I just hope the spells will be unique and has a different function unlike a certain other wizard game. Sorry, sorry, i just can’t get over Gears of potter:Hogwarts edition.

    Plus, real mages don’t use wands, well not out in public. ;) I can see that cat being a bit annoying.

  4. I think graphically it looks good for a Move game, i’m just not sure it’s for me.

  5. Can feel my arm aching already!

  6. 3:21 somones gone and left a giant hammer in the Fortress of Solitude

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