Sorcery Bundles Spotted

Everyone has the fingers, toes and other extremities crossed that Sorcery is going to be the game to revitalise PlayStation Move so it’s not surprise the game is to be packaged with the motion controller itself. has a Move Starter Bundle with Sorcery, a PS Eye camera and a Navigation controller for a smidgen under £60.


Also listed is a new PS3 Slim Console Bundle With 320GB HDD with a PlayStation Move Motion Controller, a Navigation Controller, a PS Eye Camera plus Sorcery and The Karate Kid on Blu-ray.




  1. Strange bluray to bundle in, would have thought a certain wizard by the name of Potter to be a better choice.

  2. The £59.99 bundle may be worth it. The Move, Navi controller and eyetoy would be around £50 themselves.

  3. Wow… they remembered it.

  4. Urgh, my eyes! That’s some ugly packaging right there.

  5. In my local GAME yesterday they were offering Sorcery with the move starter bundle (as above) for about £70, and when we pre-ordered just the game – at zero cost – the Playstation rep gave us three Move titles and a couple of “goody bags”. Looks like they’re going to put a fair bit of effort in to this one.
    Had a little play on Sorcery too, actually seems rather fun – make a change from pratting around on dance games after a few beers!

  6. for some reason that ‘highlight’ in his hair looks more like white creamy stuff than anything else and is really off-putting. Anyway will grab this. looks good

    • Also, would make an interesting All-Stars character as I would love Sony to treat this a good first-party game in its own right.

  7. Apparently waggler ( who’s now working for Sony and is almost thee playstation move guru says the game is shaping up really well so fingers Xed

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