New Sorcery Trailer Released

Sony has released a new trailer for upcoming PlayStation Move title, Sorcery, which releases on May 23rd.


The trailer gives details about the game’s story which focuses around Finn, a sorcerer’s apprentice & Erline, a talking cat. They get into some mischief that eventually leads them to putting the whole world in danger from the Nightmare Queen.

Dan put on his robe and wizard hat to preview Sorcery and he was quite positive of the title saying it was worth dusting off your Move for.

Source: Youtube



  1. Probably around 2 years too late…

    • Spot on

    • right time if you ask me it has some polish now looks much better imo.

      • I think the initial excitement for Move has worn off and people have either forgotten about it or sold it off. That is going on personal experience though.

  2. Looks really good. Only reason I’ve kept my Move really.

  3. I just wish the box art was better… :(

    • It’s like the modern day Megaman.

  4. Please be good!

  5. I’ve thought this game looks distinctly average (perhaps even on the crap side of average) ever since the first time we heard of it. My opinion hasn’t changed and unless I see it averaging over 7s in reviews (i highly doubt this) I won’t be getting it.
    Seems to be aimed at the harry potter generation, of which I’m not one.

  6. Hope there is a demo, though there looks like some fps issues.

  7. Love the advert but wow… I mean are Sony really that bad at advertising I mean not even a playstation move logo or anything.

    Anyways game looks fun, has a certain nostalgic charm to it. Reminds me of the first time playing spyro when I was younger

  8. Day one. Can’t tell you how much I wanna play this ^_^

  9. I don’t know about this anymore. I think it’s too little, too late. Move is pretty much dead in the water now, and I honestly don’t see this redeeming it. I would imagine most people who had Move have either forgotten about it’s existence or flogged it. Sony wasted a good opportunity with Move.

    Still, the game could be good fun. I think I’ll wait until it comes down in price a bit and then dust off my Move controllers.

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