Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Hits PSN On Friday

Ubisoft has taken to the Official PlayStation Blog to announce the digital release of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Joining three other iterations of the popular stealth ’em up series, Revelations will be made available this Friday at a limited launch price of £36.99, 35% off the RRP.

PlayStation Plus members will also be entitled to a 50% off discount. It’s unclear as to how long these offers will be valid. There is also no word on how much room Revelations will soak up on user’s HDDs.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. *chokes* how much its 17.99 on play in the words of the wside eddie murphy GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!

  2. man the tooth extraction this morning is leading to all kinds of spulleng mistaxes…

  3. do people actually pay these ludicrous prices?

    • They must do as there are ratings on the games….

    • For countries other than the UK, the prices will be reasonable considering some shelf prices I’ve experienced.

  4. That’s a good price for the rest of Europe (at least here in Norway), and it should be about 8GB in size.

  5. its not worth that much hell you can buy it in game for £17.99 brand new.

    Never again will I buy a game off psn, I bought ME3 for £50 & it aint even a special edition or anything

  6. I suppose what you have to remember is that whilst you can get all sorts of discount at retail (be that online or in store) in some countries, in some countries you cannot & everything remains full price, pretty much forever. To anyone living in one of these countries, that is actually probably quite a good deal.

    • Germany is one such country. I know of a few german friends who come here to various video game shows & then spend their down time filling their suitcase with cheap games!

  7. There’s also the game + dlc re-release next week for a few pounds less than the PSN price.

  8. I think i would just order it off Amazon as it’s £20. Plus, it should be cheaper to download then to get the physical copy as there are no extra costs. No packaging, no disc, no new game smell.T-T. I know that they don’t want to undercut the retailers but i think there is a minority who only buy it via the store.

    • £20 at amazon? Was too expensive in store at GAME for me. I think £18 is a reasonable price.

  9. £20 in GAME…. oh hang on.

  10. Good game and worth it for those expensive countries out there…. however I would never buy a full game in digital format if i had the choice.

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