Fallout: New Vegas Collectors Edition Winner

Last week we ran a competition where you could win a rare collectors edition of Fallout: New Vegas by asking you where you would go to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and who you would choose to go with you.

After looking through the entries and picking our favourites it was a two way tie between Coruscant  and ron_mcphatty with random.org deciding the winner as… ron_mcphatty!

Here’s his winning entry:

I’d head for The Falklands. They’re far enough away from the major superpowers to be out of the worst of the fallout, plenty of sheep to eat and they have stacks of space to set up camp.

Also, it’s such a trek that the journey would keep me motivated, distracted and give me enough time to become a Bear Grills like zombie-proof super survivor. I’d take my wonderful girlfriend, but if she didn’t want to come then I’d settle for Natalie Portman.

Congrats to ron_mcphatty, all that you see below is now yours and we’ll be emailing you to grab your details and platform preference so that we can send it off to you.

Thanks to everyone else who entered, at least now we know everyone at TSA has a plan to survive in the inevitable post-apocalyptic future!



  1. Enjoy, its a beautiful set :)

  2. welcome to the winners circle mate!
    yeah your right i would take your girlfriend too*just kidding*
    not sure about natalie portman
    .i like a bit of meat on me birds..
    well done mate!

  3. Well done mate, this doesn’t mean you can avoid future Peace Walker meets though!

    • Hah, I really should be head in the books instead of playing any sort of games! Instead, I’ll be playing Peace Walker with your mate McProley sometime on Thursday morning before work… you only live once!

      • You’re also doing Peace Walker meets? Wow you’re one hell of a person :P

  4. You’ve got it all wrong – Argentina would most likely come and invade you :P

    • I’m relying on certain nations succumbing to death quickly and posing no significant threat. Argentina are high on the list!

  5. Wow thanks AAG! I’m speechless! All I need now is the actual apocalypse so I can exercise my right as a minor celebrity to kidnapp Natalie Portman… Did I say kidnapp? I meant, er, save from certain doom. Yeah.

    • Congrats Ron :) I’ve got this on PS3 AND 360 lol. Got the PS3 version soon after launch and opened it. Bought the 360 version when it was knocked down on GAME the other month. I have too many CE’s :P

      It’s a great CE and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :)

    • Have you got my email yet Mr Mcphatty :)?

      • Yes thanks, sorry for the delay in replying, which I just did. I can’t say thanks enough!

  6. Well done. Topical and funny.

  7. Well done!

  8. Well done! Enjoy it.

  9. Plenty of sheep to eat? Yeah i can see that’s a winner

  10. Better eating than shagging, them Falklands sheep.

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