WeView: Rayman Origins

Rayman was one of those series I loved when I was a kid, and then seemed to vanish at some point. Looking back it seems that it did pretty much vanish in 2005, with Ubisoft deciding to move the focus over to Raving Rabbids; it always feels a bit sad to me when a spin-off eclipses the original series. I was therefore very happy when I heard the news that Rayman was returning with Rayman Origins, a move back to the series’ roots. Ubisoft have done a great job of recreating the original feel of Rayman for modern systems, creating beautiful HD environments that look exactly as weird and wonderful as the original Rayman titles did.

I wasn’t the only one who was impressed by the newest Rayman title either, Blair found a lot of love for the game in our review from last year. He scored the game at a well deserved 9/10, and had this to say about the platformer:

Perhaps, though, all of Origin’s little faults – such as the lack of a tightly-knit story or online co-op – are in keeping with what Rayman is at heart: a traditional platformer. That’s all it’s aiming for, to bring that style of game into the modern age with spectacular design, incredible visuals and animation, top-notch sound and a lengthy playtime.

Rayman Origins puts Sonic in his place and stands atop the pile of this generation’s 2D platformers. It’s as close to platforming perfection as we can get from a Rayman game and not just a step forwards for Rayman himself but ultimately a step forwards for the genre altogether.

Of course that’s from the home console version of the game. Rayman Origins also has a Vita version, and we’ve looked at that too, so it’s only fair to give you the chance to do the same. That’s right, if you have Rayman Origins on your new handheld toy you can write your opinion of the game based on that. I know there are some  tweaks and additions to the Vita version of the game, but the overall experience is close enough to make the comparison valid.

Don’t worry if you’ve only got the home console version, you’re still free to take part (as you are if you only have the Vita version). If you happen to have both version of the game, and you feel like putting in a little extra effort, you can compare your feelings on the two version.

If you do feel like taking part in this week’s cross-platform extravaganza then all you need to do is drop a comment below containing your opinion of the game. Once you’ve taken care of that you need to attach your rating for the game. Rather than a numeric scale, we use the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It system. Simply select which of these labels best describes your feelings about the game and add it to your review. Please remember this step, as it lets us get a fully formed overview of the community’s verdict of the game.

If you do feel like taking part make sure you have everything in by Sunday evening. Any later than that and you’ll have missed the cut-off and your opinion won’t make its way into Monday’s verdict article.



  1. Based upon several glowing reviews (including TSA of course) I thought this would be a great game to share and play with my 6 year old son. Wow! The visuals are big, colourful and always fun, making it ideal for young eyes.
    The next big win is in the gameplay, where co-op play is almost encouraged with levels being made slightly easier with instant resuscitation by tagging each other’s characters when one of them dies.
    The levels are big, bright, bold and have a nice learning curve, particularly in the early to mid-late levels. This is where my only gripe comes in, the later levels are frustrating time based challenges where a sprint/jump/fly through each level at near perfection is required, and neither I nor my son can get past this frustrating phase of gameplay. So, with regret, we have a game which we’ll likely never finish. For the more hardcore player I’m sure the later levels are perfectly winnable.
    If the player does persevere then there’s a degree of replayability in the game where perfect runs against the clock and ‘lunes’ collecting come in to play, but this really is for the very dedicated player.

    So for the average player like my son and me, due to the final levels I would say either bargain bin or rent it.

  2. Currently playing this through with my other half. Absolutely excellent platformer with beautiful visuals, tight gameplay and a real sense of challenge. Currently we have invested over 5 hours into this game and I can see its going to take several more if we want that shiny platinum trophy. For £15 you really cannot go wrong. BUY IT (in fact buy it a couple of times to encourage Ubisoft to do a sequel!)

  3. Wow, what can I say about one of the greatest platformers of all time? This is one of the very few select titles that can compete with Super Mario Bros 3 on even ground.
    The visuals are nothing short of stunning. Rayman Origins world is colorful, vivid and completely bonkers.
    It feels like you are actually playing a fully animated cartoon.
    The soundtrack is ace and perfectly fitting for the different moods of the levels.
    The difficulty of the game is perfect for all gamers alike. The game is beatable without requiring that much skill but if you are going for that shiny platinum trophy you will shout at Rayman on several occasions because there are quite a few challenges in the game that require perfectly timed jumps. Yes, final bonus level, I’m looking at you…
    Anyways, the very best thing about this game is local 4 player coop. There is no other game where you can have a perfect run through a chase level and then at the very end get slapped down a spikey pit right before you reach that shiny crystal that your brother then happily collects.
    Also, if you are playing this game with a lady you will encounter the very rare case of a woman actually shouting “GOD DAMNIT! HIT ME ALREADY!” at you, because her character died you have to hit the flying bubble in order to get her back into the level…

    I will buy this game a second time for the PS Vita because it’s that great. Please show Ubisoft that great platformers are still appreciated, especially if they are as awesome as Raymon Origins.

    BUY IT!

    • Definitely with you on the SMB3 comment mate, it was that title I had in mind when I wrote my comment further down the page.

      With you on the co-op too, it’s genuinely side splitting at times.

  4. I saw this running on PS3 and thought it looked fantastic so I picked it up at launch with my Vita.
    The game is a lot of fun to play. The controls are sharp and responsive and the levels are brilliantly designed.
    The graphics have to be the most impressive thing I’ve seen in a long time. The whole thing looks like a painting come to life!
    For anyone who wants a top quality platformer this one’s a no-brainer. Buy!

  5. I have the Vita version. Absolutely love the game. Art style is wonderful, and the game looks beautiful on the vita. Very face paced game and quite challenging, level design and controls are simple to get used to as well. I just find the game incredibly entertaining to play.
    However, in later levels the difficulty steps up massively which caught me out. But a BUY IT from me.

  6. Not interested.

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        I will of course take “antognist” for myself.

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    • Well why bother to comment?

      • Maybe for TSA points? Anyway i haven’t bought Rayman Origins, but i hope really soon so i can enjoy it with my friends :]

  7. Origins reminded me of the magic twenty odd years ago when I first started playing games, put simply it’s two slices of magic, with proper custard.

    The love of the developers and consumate skill of their craft shines through at every opportunity, be it the sumptuous visuals, luscious (and amusing) sound design, or the age/gender barrier bridging co-op. It’s a beautiful, lovely, and at times hilarious game that is supremely well designed.

    I haven’t had this much fun with a platform game since the SNES days. Buy it – twice – once for yourself and again for someone you love.

  8. Nice to read all of your opinions as I have never felt the urge to play a rayman title.

  9. Got it on Vita and PS3 and it is amazing!

  10. Enjoying it on vita a lot but it’s become a trifle difficult. Will persevere though and likely to go back for some of the time trials. Applause for ubi guys for building in some immediate replayability to a platformer. Not the easiest thing to do. Buy it and support good old fashioned platforming!

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