Namco Bandai Teasing A New Title

A teaser site has appeared which is for a new Namco Bandai title. It features a pulsing X on a black background.


Apart from the fact this is a new title, as mentioned in the URL, there is no information for what this title could be. As soon as there’s development, we’ll let you know.

Source: Andriasang



  1. are we sure this one be a teaser site for Tekken x Street Fighter? no footage has been released, only concepts so an official announcement would make sense

    • That’s out already.. And developed by Capcom?

  2. I would love for this to be Tekken X Street Fighter :D

  3. Most likely Tekken X Street Fighter. I remember reading that they weren’t going to announce anything until after Street Fighter X Tekken was released.

    • Probably so people don’t make the same mistakes I just made!

  4. Finally could it be..

  5. Hmm, i wonder if it’s a new X-men game? I hope the new game won’t just be called X as that is just plain lazy.

    • Prety sure someone else holds the license to X-men. Activision i think.

  6. JRPG or GTFO. Well, it’s my uh … preference. ;)

  7. It could be another anime games like One Piece again , or Hunter X Hunter

  8. Was this just the X yesterday? Because now it has text on top of it that says “??? X action-adventure”.

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