Sony To Sell PS3 Image Editing Software PlayMemories This Week

According to PC World, Sony are set to push out an image editing application for the PlayStation 3. The app, called PlayMemories Studio, will let PS3 owners “edit and view photos or videos uploaded from cameras or camcorders”.

The site says that the software will simulate stop-motion video, add sound and video effects and upload finished stuff to Facebook, Vita and PSP.  It’ll also use the PlayMemories Online cloud service, which is due in the next few months.


The application will go online this week, costing around £15, with a 30-day trial for anyone that thinks navigating such a tool with a Dual Shock is a little bit silly.



  1. I hope that the 4 people that buy this find it usefull. I think I will just stick with fireworks.

  2. £15. Ouch!

  3. As the PS3 works with a stand USB mouse and a USB keyboard – unfortunately not in games – this could be excellent.

    • *standard* not stand. Yes, I can’t type!

    • PS3 games can work with USB mouse and keyboard. Unreal Tournament 3 does. Up to the developers.

  4. This should be a lot cheaper then people might grab it for a little minor cropping etc. £15 is what you pay for a ‘proper’ tool on a tablet device.

    • I think iPhoto is about £3.

      • iphoto is excellent too. But then it doesn’t do videos.

  5. I don’t like the idea of using your console for editing, but the ps3 should be better at this then most peoples pc due to the strong processor and fast image rendering-capabilities. It’s cheap, but sounds quite basic. For now, I’ll stick with Photoshop and Premiere.

  6. So this is an expansion on the existing PlayMemories app? I like that stop-motion is included but it’s too expensive for my taste.

  7. Doubleyou Tee Eff? I think I’ll pass there.

  8. It’s a missed opportrunity if this doesn’t work with move!!

    • Please don’t give them ideas!

      • Why would move implementation be a bad thing? I would have thought it was perfect for this sort of thing?

  9. I’ll be passing on this. £15 is a bit silly imo.

  10. Erm… Play Create?

    • What? Feck sake, EyeCreate. Damn you Sackboy!!

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