Multiplayer DLC Coming To Mount & Blade Warband

Paradox Interactive has today announced the “Napoleonic Wars” expansion for its popular action-RPG/strategy hybrid, Mount & Blade Warband. As the name suggests, the folks at Taleworlds (accompanied by Flying Squirrel Entertainment) are hauling the cult series into the age of muskets and cannons once again, following last year’s launch of Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword.

Multiplayer-only, the DLC presents players with 5 factions, the total number of playable units adding up to 220. Battles are stages across numerous 19th century planes of war, some of which can host 250 soldiers at a time.


Other new features include a versatile engineer class, capable of building fortifications, not to mention an all-new focus on artillery weapons. Despite there being plenty of variables and potential exploits, Taleworlds promises that Napoleonic Wars will be incredibly balanced, focusing on the skill of a player and not their arsenal.

An exact release date and price have yet to be confirmed, though we wouldn’t suspect anything above the tenner mark.

Source: Press Release


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  1. I’ve yet to buy one of these games, they’re interesting.

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