More MotorStorm RC DLC Out This Week

Here at the Towers, we love MotorStorm RC more than we love kittens and only slightly less than we love Skittles. It’s nothing personal, Skittles are awesome.

Anyway, it’s that kind of love that makes us go a bit giddy at the thought of more MotorStorm RC goodness heading our way this week. It’s another Festival, this time set amidst the gorgeous scenery of a carnival.


There are six circuits, featuring 24 events and a total of 72 medals to pick up. That means new trophies too, four of the little blighters including a gold and two silver. Of course, you’ll need new car models to complete the theme so there are 8 new models, each with a further 16 livery options and there’s a fitting carnival theme to them.

There’s also a free bumper car supermini and a “weenie” off roader that looks like a hot dog.

Check out the video:

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Will this one be priced similarly to the last? £2 something right?

  2. Really haven’t got a long with MS RC. Its a great game but too technical and tricky for me. I lack the skill on it :(

    • I was getting really pee-ed off with it just missing out on the gold medals by about 1/10th of a second but then something clicked and it became easier.

      • It drifting and the buggies were removed I would be fine. Still I can’t handle the pace of the game. Other Motorstorm games I can handle well :)

      • Drifting gets really easy once you get the hang of it. I agree with you on the buggy, really hard to master!!!

      • never been good at drifting in any game. Would always hand it over to my brother to complete a drifting challenge :P

    • I agree with you the controls on this game are awful and to me it was waste of my money

      • Iv played this game and got all the trophies, i think it is amazing especially for less than £5.

        I faced ur controller problems, best thing to do is use Alternative controls. Change accelerate to R1 and use the Fixed camera.
        It helps so much that I beat all my times and platinum’ed the game about a week

      • oh, you’re so great Bambo! :P

      • I do think its a good game though, as Bambo said especially for £5. On the Vita the controls are terrible compared to PS3 IMO. Im just not good at it

      • I originally thought that, but ive just adapted to them. i tried it on PS3 but hated it. each to there own though. I’m not amazing at it by any means. I just think its a good game. And it is teaching myself self discipline as I dont want to throw my new shiny vita around

      • lol, complete opposite of me :P ahh I had to turn it off due to the complaints of me shouting too much as well. Not good for anger issues.

    • I’ve oticed by your times that I’ve beaten. thanks for the help with the Wall Brawler trophy :P

      • Oh you barsteward!

      • Lol, i’m in cheeky moood, i do appologise

      • glad i could help with the trophy though ;)

      • Thanks, it was becoming a chore!

    • yeah, definaitley not. And the many much restarts. Ive not done that since the good old days of the Trick leaderboards

      • I meant Tricky

      • I guess this was in reply to anger issues :P Luckily I dont have tricky then :P

      • Yeah, it was, sorry. i was never that angry with it but i did see one of my old mates smash 3 controllers consecutively!

  3. its a pain to get the knack,but once you get used to it, it becomes a joy. That being said i’m finding it near impossible to get all my lap times uner 40 mins! lol

  4. Ps + discount?

  5. Psplus time mes thinks…

  6. MotorStorm RC FTW!!! ;)

  7. For the record I hate Skittles and have an allergy to cats. I do like biscuits though.

    • Is it humanly possible to dislike Skittles? kudos on the cat allergy though.

      • Skittles are ok, but they cannot compare to Opal Fruits (Starbursts for you youngsters!). Similarly, Opal Fruits cannot compare to Fruit Tella.

        I am not sure what wins out between Fruit Tella & Millions. Too close to call.

      • I see your Fruitella and raise you Maoam!

      • Ooh Maoams are good… Really good actually. *dribbles*

        But, they do tend to be a bit on the pricey side, which is unfortunate.

  8. I love the game but I’m absolutely dreadful at it. Can’t platinum the bit I’ve already paid for so I won’t be buying any DLC until I can.

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