Podcast: Episode 58 – Triple Town, Touch and Mad Men

We had some proper news headlines this week, delivered by a newscasting legend. Or Kev doing his Moira Stewart voice. Either way, it was brilliant. The news had us discussing Game Group PLC’s administration, Kellee Santiago’s departure from thatgamecompany and Will Ferrel’s announcement that there would be an Anchorman sequel.

I talked a bit about the impending launch of Nextaxis, which is going to be very soon and is making me very nervous. Lewis told us a bit about a film called The Help, set during the 1960s against the backdrop of the civil rights struggle through the eyes of the African American workers.

[drop2]Kev has been watching Touch, with Jack Bauer (or Keifer Sutherland, as some people persistently pretend he is). It sounds like a more emotionally charged story than Bauer’s previous appearances, charting the relationship between a man and his severely autistic son who kind of sees the future thanks to an ability to see the probability of things.

We talked about Triple Town for a while, as I became increasingly aware of my lack of reward for playing the game. I’ve dedicated hours to it over the past week but I can’t quite judge why I keep playing it.

Kris then decides that Marvel has missed a trick by not including nearly enough punching in their new Avengers vs X-Men. There’s a bit of a rant here but it’s forgivable since the notion of Captain America being punched in his smug face by Wolverine is very appealing.

Finally, before our usual quiz and questions, Lewis told us about the start of the new Mad Men series, which I started watching last night. It’s Mad Men, which means it’s the best thing on television at the moment. Although Game of Thrones is starting again so at least there’s some competition.

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    • Triple Town. Right. OOOH.

      • It’s on iOS, Google Plus and a bunch of other platforms.

      • is it free?

    • Nofi, put the bottle down. You’re going haywire and the men in white coats look scared.

      • Shush, I see cute bears.

      • He’s a bit hyper today, all that fwapping over Apple.

      • Did you not get the cute bear reference Tuffcub? :P

  2. @LewisGaston Grand Master Sexy is Jerry Lawlers son not scotty 2 hotty

  3. Ok I just copied my tweet to lewis and posted it here by accident, oops. Don’t ask.

    • Meh I crtl-vee’d a google search here by accident before ;) hehe

  4. you couldn’t guess number 6?
    even i got that one.

    i tried that triple town, needless to say i sucked.
    at least i think i did, first go i got 5210.

    my second go i got 12210, i figured what all the thing do during that game.

    it’s damn fun actually.

    am i imagining things though, or do the bears in the game look a bit like the pedobear?

    a couple of points for Kris though.

    Hope isn’t actually related to Scott, she took the name Summers after Cable took her into the future to stop Bishop from killing her.

    Scott and Jean’s daughter is Rachel Summers, well their daughter from an alternate future.

    you say the dc universe is complicated?
    that’s nothing to the X-Men, what with alternate worlds, differing futures and pasts, parts of which keep making their way into the main continuity.

    like there was the age of apocalypse, house of m, days of future past, where Rachel comes from apparently, and probably a few others i’ve never even heard of.

    incidentally, have you seen the marvel graphic novel collection?
    it’s a series of hardback marvel graphic novels, released fortnightly.
    the first one was Spider-Man: coming home.
    it has extra stuff like character designs and that at the back, but it hasn’t got the 9/11 story like the paperback edition i’ve got has.

    and the spines have sections of this giant mural type picture, i just love stuff like that. ^_^

    it looks like they’ll be covering the ultimate universe as well as there’s an Ultimates book.

    but damn, Hank Pym is a douche in the ulitmate universe.

    • wow, you speak “Kris”!

      • you don’t know the half of it.
        it may seem like we simply talk about comics but it’s actually coded communications in planned our conquest of earth.
        when all comic fanboys and fangirls will rise up and take control of this world.

        but you’ll never decipher the codes.

        we’ll be unstoppable, mwahaha.

        how was my evil laugh?
        i’ve been practicing but you can never tell how it sounds to other people.

        i probably shouldn’t be telling you this but i figure Kris has clued you in on the plan already.

        our first edict will be to start production on a new series of firefly. ^_^

      • If a new series of Firefly is your first edict, I don’t think you’d even need a world-domination plan. Just tell people that, they’ll probably just let you have the world. Seems a fair trade – global control for more Summer Glau.

      • Does this mean that my translator device that i was working on that would translate Kris into something we can understand is no longer needed?

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