WRC 3 Coming This October

Hey rally fans, Milestone has confirmed that WRC 3, the official video game of the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship, is set for release in October 2012 on PS3, Xbox 360, Vita and PC.

The racer will use a completely new graphics and game engine, developed in-house, and features all the rallies in the 2012 WRC calendar, complete with all leading WRC teams and drivers in a revamped career mode.


As well as all this, the game has improved crowd effects, rebuilt stages and new cinematic introductions to each stage. It’ll also feature more than 50 official WRC teams, alongside Class 2 and Class 3 series, plus Super Special Stages.



  1. Problem here was the cars handled really badly. Why I prefer DiRT so much

    • WRC was awful, luckily I had already played DiRT and DiRT 2 first and also luckily I rented WRC instead of wasting my money on it :P

  2. I always want to get this each year, but releasing it in the busiest quarter always means I end up saying I’ll get it later and I never do.
    Screens look great though, that new engine must be pretty good.

  3. Can’t really make much out from the pictures, but the 1st 2 games were no lookers! The handling was ok, fairly basic though. I’ll no doubt pick it up when it’s £15 after 2 weeks like every milestone game!

  4. While the previous WRC games improved upon Milestone’s racing engine, you could still tell, an all-new engine designed specifically for the WRC series should be a step forward, hopefully.

    Whoop to a Vita version too!

    • Wow, I totally overlooked the bit about it coming to the Vita! Sounds great.

  5. Rally game screenshots without cars?

  6. Please be good, not had a decent (“proper”) rally game since Colin McRae 2.

  7. The visuals and handling are certainly the areas which could benefit from an overhaul. Let’s hope they get it right this time, we need a rally game worthy of this generation . Codies sadly don’t seem interested in a Rally sim so this is potentially the best chance we’ll have.

    • It’s a pity Codies games have got further and further away from rallying, when they were Colin McRae it was my fav games series.

  8. The stages in WRC2 were really good, the best in a PS3 rally game for ages. I didn’t find the handling too bad the graphics were shocking. Glad to see they are improving both.

  9. Getting this! even though I haven’t got very far in the second one :/ I’m very bad with game completion.

  10. Hmm, improved graphics AND a Vita version… if the do a double discount (ala MLB 12) and cloud saves I might be interested this time around!

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