Watch The First WRC 3 Gameplay Footage

Let’s be honest: WRC games haven’t exactly blown us away. If the quality of this gameplay footage is anything to go by, that might be about to change.

It’s impossible to know how well it will control or feel but this certainly looks fantastic and as far as I can tell, it seems like it’s playing well too. Maybe some of our hardcore racers can give us their opinions in the comments?


This demonstration shows the Spain track but the final release will feature all of the official tracks, along with over 35 cars and 50 teams. There’s a 360, PS3, PC and Vita version all in the works and it should be out on October 12th.



  1. Looks much better than the previous games. The detail on the car is so much better than the textures on the environments which makes for a bit of a contrast, but I guess it’s not finished yet. It also looks as though the handle pivots to much on the front-end. In some driving games when this happens you never feel like you’re in full control of sliding the car, only steering it. Anyway, it has all the licences which is a huge bonus and is just what I need for Vita!

    • Handling, not handle. Dumbass.

    • Agreed it doesn’t look quite right and hard to control drifts. Doesn’t make for compelling footage to me. Still I’d like a decent rally game.

  2. That looks quite good, WRC 2 was a step up from WRC and this looks even better. The driving will need a hands-on to be certain but it wasn’t bad in WRC2. Quite looking forward to this now! .. Codemasters who?…. :)

  3. Looking good with much improved graphics over the first 2 games. The problem that the first two WRC games have suffered for me is the bland single player career without any sort of challenge mode, which made the games feel lacking.and became a chore to complete if I’m honest.
    Online play is where it’s always been at, but it’d be nice to be able to enjoy the single player career as well.

    • Were there options to replay single stages? Do they have all the Wales GB stages?

  4. The tyres don’t look like they’re in contact with the road.

  5. Graphics look nice enough. Gameplay wise it seems a little arcadey. Not being a racing genre pro, this might be a good thing. I thought the rally cars in GT5 felt oversimulated to a point where it felt unrealistic.

  6. It looks tons better than the last game but, like most folk say, it’s the handling that counts. The last game was OK when you got used to it but does need improving.
    The stages were the best part of the 2nd game so if they’ve improved them too it should be well worth getting.

    • Yeah, the handling certainly took some getting used to and needed a fair bit of tuning tweaks to get the car to respond properly. The graphics were nothing that couldn’t be equalled on a PS2, they certainly skimped on the capabilty of the PS3’s graphics….and I mean everything was PS2 also the menu screens were possibly PS1 !!

  7. That’s interesting. I was looking for the “tires don’t touch the road” feel to it and ‘duke’ is correct. However, something more subtle but equally interesting came to my attention. There’s no body roll. The camera does a decent job of pretending it does (when flung into corners) but there’s zero body roll with the car so it doesn’t have that “planted into the track” feeling the right or left side should have when under such duress.

    If they sort that out it might give it a far more grounded look. That’s my take on things and I’m sticking to it! :-)

  8. DiRT is the one, these dont compare. looks just as turd as the first one and probably plays just as bad

  9. see, I knew you lot would know what to look for much better than I would :)

  10. This has nothing on Dirt3. And how old is that, 2 years?
    WRC was brilliant on Ps2, but those days are clearly over.

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