New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots Show Aliens And Colonial Marines In Screenshots

I’ll admit, when a mate first told me about Aliens when I was a kid, I was a bit scared.  In fact, when browsing VHS tapes at the local video hire, we opted, under considerable duress from myself, for Predator instead – it looked less likely to give me nightmares and, besides, who the hell was this Weaver woman when I could stare at Arnie for an hour and half, right?

I’m also happy to admit that I was completely wrong, and whilst it took me six months to finally get around to watching Aliens, I’m delighted that I did because it quickly became one of my favourite film series, the recent Blu-ray versions a particularly poignant delight about just how fantastic films could be in the eighties.


And yes, I even loved Alien 3.  Read the book and everything.

For me, though, Aliens games haven’t been that great.  The original coin-op felt like a Turtles rip off, the 16-bit home versions and ports never really picking up on the tension and instead just opting for action, which for me wasn’t what the movies were about at all.  The Aliens vs Predator games were OK, but what I really wanted was something that was really just based on that film I skipped over way back when.  Something awesome.

Thankfully, it looks like Gearbox are on the case.  Colonial Marines has been one of those titles that seems to have been delayed and revamped nearly as much as Duke Nukem Forever, but it’s now not that far away and it’s looking like being the perfect game for fans – pulse rifles, Hadley’s Hope, facehuggers and – er – M16s.

Looks nice, right?

Apparently the Wii U version is looking like being the best one.  Director on the project Brian Martel said that there’s more RAM in the Nintendo console than the other two, which makes the Aliens more shiny and the pulse rifle sound more pulse rifley.  Hardly surprising, really, the Vita‘s got more RAM than the PS3.  Hell, my Casio calculator does too.

It doesn’t.



  1. Almost worth buying a WiiU just to use the tablet controller as the motion sensor… Will have the bonus of being able to play Mario 22, Zelda 16 & Mario Kart 36 too.

    • “Will have the bonus of being able to play Mario 22, Zelda 16 & Mario Kart 36 too.”

      Oh you.

    • Almost worth buying a WiiU just to use the tablet controller as the motion sensor… Will have the bonus of being able to play EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING GAMES AS EVERY OTHER FUCKING NINTENDO CONSOLE.

      And breathe.

  2. I hate Gearbox as a company but my love of the Aliens franchise may convince me to get this one (if it ever reaches store shelves of course)

  3. It’d be good if I could play via the Vita controller. Voila, Vita screen = Motion sensor.

  4. Know one of the guys that made the Aliens Trilogy for the PS1. That was a good game! He is now an IT Manager for a local school, how times change.

  5. I even loved Alien 3 as well, I’m also going to be as bold as saying I preferred it to Aliens due to the tension than ‘one’ Alien created. Don’t get me wrong Aliens was still a great film but I felt the Aliens there were a little too easy to wipe out….but hey thats just me!

  6. Looks great, cannot wait!

  7. Looks good and seeing as i love having Aliens in First Person Shooters, i may actually pick it up, provided it’s good. :)

    I wonder if the Aliens will be hard as hell to kill to help with the immersion and if Facehuggers will prove to be a deadly threat? I don’t want to be able to mow down hundreds of Xenomorphs as it wouldn’t be living up to the Aliens name. Plus, this is the one game that i want to actually see a bald space marine. :p

    • based on what the film Aliens was like though, there will probably be a hell of a lot of xeno’s to kill. Not like the first where it was just the one :P

  8. Looks really good to moi :)

  9. Not the biggest FPS fan but everything about this game looks top notch and I’m really looking forward to it.

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