Playback: Mirrors Edge

It seems that no one bought Mirror’s Edge so how come everyone wants to see a sequel? The release of the game coincided with a boom in the thing developers appear to hate most – pre-owned game sales.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the number of trophies and achievements won in Mirrors Edge is more than double the number of copies of the game sold so it’s evident that players were not ready to gamble £40 on a new IP but were quite happy to grab the title, at a later date and a cut down price.


Those rascal gamers who dodged giving EA any cash include myself, as I bought a copy pre-owned off eBay, sorry EA.

Mirror’s Edge stood out from the crowd in 2008 thanks to its rather unique concept and setting. Writer, Rhianna Pratchett, helped EA created a shiny dystopian city ruled by a police-state dictatorship but rather than grabbing an Uzi and laying waste to the bad guys, you play a non violent heroine by the name of Faith.

[drop2]Faith is a runner, a courier, and spends her time scampering across the buildings and rooftops of the city. As the state are monitoring electronic communications, Runners are the only way to move information across the city undetected.

Mirror’s Edge is unique in that the free running occurs in first person rather than third person. All you ever see of Faith when playing the game are her feet and hands as you make her scramble across buildings.

As Faith’s speed builds up while running, the rate at which the camera bobs up and down increases and when performing a roll, the camera will spin to match Faith’s view.

The developers, DICE, took the unusual step of making players avoid violence wherever possible. If Faith is attacked then her best chance for survival is usually to make a run for it, picking up a gun will slow her down and she cannot climb whilst wielding a fire arm.

The plot finds Faith’s sister, Kate, framed for the murder of mayoral candidate Robert Pope. As she investigates, Faith will uncover ‘Project Icarus’. All is not as it seems, are some her own friends working for the Police state? Can you trust anyone?

Mirror’s Edge plays well but the lack of alternative paths to the destination seems very restrictive today when Connor can clamber over an entire forest in the recently showcased Assassin’s Creed III. Setting most of the action atop skyscrapers was also a bad idea, it may have served the plot but it does mean instant, squishy death on many occasions.

Graphically, the game looks fresh and modern but suffers from aliasing issues and for such a shiny, mirrored world we hardly ever get to see Faith, a shame when they had spent so long making her unique.

The in-game music is rather special and the theme, Still Alive, reached No. 26 in the Swedish top 40. Pop Fact Extra: The composer of Still Alive, Rami Yacoub, also wrote ‘Ooops I Did It Again’ for Britney Spears and recent top ten hit ‘One Thing’ for pop muppets One Direction.

Mirror’s Edge is a flawed gem, if a sequel is ever announced it should improve on the solid foundations set back in November 2008. EA were working on a sequel but it was sadly cancelled. EA say the franchise is ‘still important’ but have yet to announce a new game.



  1. Also to add to my earlier comment of the very definition of refreshing change Id like to add EXHILARATING.

  2. Absolutely love this game: bought it recently in a Steam sale and I’m VERY glad I did. Wish there was a sequel so bad!

  3. Mirrors Edge was an awesome game. It’s a shame it didn’t do as well as it should have. We have had a few games this generation like this (Nier and Bayonetta) that just don’t get the sales and credit they deserve. I would be interested in a second one but with time trials that I can actually do :/

    • I agree with you and don’t forget Vanquish too. I loved Mirror’s Edge it was a really different game with some nice environments, i even platinumed it. Where’s my Mirror’s Edge 2??

  4. I LOVE Mirror’s Edge.
    Even got the platinum which was no easy task..
    Even now with the platinum though, I would still gladly play the game again. It’s definitely a title that gets better each time you play it. The more you know the levels, the better you can run through them, and the better you run through them, the more fun you have!

  5. Awesome game. But bought it on preowned so feel guilty now.

  6. Nice game. Not worth any more than the £5 I paid for it seeing as it’s only a few hours long but certainly a nice, innovative experience :)

    • Depends what your expectations are, if you were expecting a 7-10hr singeplayer experience, then no it’s not worth RRP. I saw it as a challenge/racing game. That extends it’s life by quite a lot. So for me it was worth the £30 I paid for it.

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