(Updated) EA Is Giving Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Away For Free On PS4

EA’s Peter Moore has taken to the stage at PlayStation Experience to announce three free games will be available on the PlayStation platforms this weekend. These are Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare on PS4, Mirror’s Edge on PS3, and Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 on the Vita. The catch is that the games will only be available to claim until the end of the PlayStation Experience event, so you have until tomorrow to grab them.

It’s unclear whether this means you get to keep the games forever, but the way it was phrased made it seem like that would be the case.  The promotion is set to kick off at midday Pacific time with that being 8pm UK time. Check the store at that time to see if that has gone live here, or if its just North America getting the goods.

Update: Looks like it’s North America only, as the Sony store here still has them at full price.

Update 2: The games are now free in the European store. Go get them.

Source: PlayStation Experience


  1. Goes against the “EA don’t care for playstation because of EA access” then.

  2. Wow, bit of a bastard to those whose snagged the PS4 game in the sale a few weeks ago. Not that I’m complaining. All I can say is ‘nice one EA’.

    • Yeah, slightly miffed by that myself! Quite cheeky to put games into a sale to rope people in to buying less than a month before giving them away free…

  3. I can confirm I got mirrors edge and pvz to work on the Irish ps store http:/imgur.com/ToORQbp

    • Also got need for Speed aswell

  4. On my phone so cant add pic or anything but i got pvz in the uk.

  5. Just gone free on uk store at 20.20hrs

  6. PS Store is down in the UK…both on web and the PS4.

  7. The store is being a bit flakey (“undergoing maintenance” apparently) but when it works, all 3 games are there for free.

    Which must be really annoying for all the XBox fans that bought into the whole EA Access thing while Sony were sensibly saying “No, we don’t think so. Go on, we dare you to take all your toys home”

    • EA access is great value, I doubt many got it for PvZ though.

  8. Yup got all three now after I got on the store…nice.

  9. Got NfS downloading now.

  10. Argh, finally bought PvZ on PS4 the other week. Still ace to have digital copies of the others

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