PS Vita Firmware 1.66 Now Available

You probably think I’m joking.  I’m not.

The PS Vita has another firmware upgrade available – 1.66 – presumably as a result of the cock-up yesterday with 1.65 which, according to Sony, had some “technical difficulties”.


I’d advise getting this one before it’s pulled, but then again 1.67 might be out tomorrow so perhaps save your bandwidth for that one instead?

I’m kidding.  Love you really, silly update procedure.  <3

Here’s what’s new this time:

  • The [System Music] setting in Settings > [Sound & Display] now affects BGM in PS Store, near and Sign-Up screens as well as the Home menu.
  • When searching for location data, users now have the option to ‘Retry’ and ‘Cancel’ when a failure occurs.
  • A progress bar is introduced for application installation.
  • A direct link to PlayStation Store is made available for new applications that users may discover on near.
  • Users can now update data at any time within near, provided they are within the same location.
  • The display time of notification alerts has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Functional improvements have been made in the following games and applications: Unit 13, Gravity Daze, near.


  1. Think I’ll wait for 1.67 this afternoon

  2. I’m desperately awaiting the update to allow ps3 games to be played remote play but I imagine it will be a long time coming. Think I’ll try and wait a while before updating to new firmware. Let everyone else test it out first :-)

    • I agree about waiting but regarding your first sentance, I don’t think this will ever happen, sadly. Developers will make too much money from releasing games on both formats. I’d settle for some PSN games to be played on Vita, be it directly or remotely.

      • It forces you to update when you turn on your ps vita so looks like you shouldn’t turn it on today if you waiting for the review lol

      • Sadly it’s in the hands of the developers. The closest we can get would be cloud save sharing across a Vita and PS3 version of the same game. I’d love to play some PS3 games on my Vita while the missus occupies the TV… I’m curious if the Wii U manages to deliver this feature through the tablet controller.

    • That update is never coming, because the PS Vita can already do that.
      The developers have to enable the games to allow it though, and there’s not many that have.
      Lair, and the Pixeljunk games are all I can think of at the moment.

      • Bejewelled 2 and high stakes poker + most Psone games

      • And Peggle! :)

  3. yaaay impossible game here I come

  4. Just updated. Wasn’t forced to, so had to check in settings etc. Should get some of my plus minis on there this afternoon :)

    • I had forgotten about that, will be doing the same.

  5. Why is it up to 1.66 already, that seems incredibly high for such a new machine

    • Well it did launch earlier in Japan and some features was added and bugs removed for the EU launch.

      I wasn’t expecting Sony to release a fixed 1.65 so fast, thumbs up for that.

  6. excellent , just need sony to sort out the inability to save on sf alpha 3 max and all my games will be playable

  7. Updated mine now after 2 attempts. Stupid thing errored the first time it downloaded

  8. They better not be giving us empty promises with the ps3 remote play feature. I don’t want to be old and frail by the time they decide to give it to us. They hook you in with all the promises in the world :-(

    • I agree I would feel ‘burnt’ if this never came. I can’t afford to buy new games all the time so it will sit unloved without something to keep me pickin it up regularly.

    • They didn’t promise it for everything.
      It’s a feature the PS Vita has now, but it’s games which have to be enables to allow it.
      It’s up to developers to do it.
      Some won’t because they can make more money selling PS Vita versions, others won’t because there’d be too much lag making their game seem crap.

  9. I want to play PS1 games on my Vita, but it looks like its going to be a long wait…

  10. roll on the updates. Makes me feel more at home with my Vita

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