EA Voted “Worst Company In America”

EA, facing off against the likes of PayPal, Bank of America and Facebook, has been voted the “worst company in America”.

A couple of days ago there were eight remaining companies in a slightly bizarre ‘competition’, with the Consumerist calling them a “rogues gallery of bad businesses from a variety of industries”.


After more than a quarter of a million votes, though, EA eventually ‘won’ through.

“After years of being ignored and relegated to steerage, game-players have voted to send a message to Electronic Arts and the gaming business as a whole: Stop treating your loyal customers like crap,” said the site.

EA beat Bank of America in the final 64% to 36%.

Presumably people didn’t like Battlefield 3’s ending.  I don’t know, I can’t keep up with all this stuff anymore.  I’m too old.  Pass me my Kempston.



  1. I think EAs response was best.
    “We’re sure that bank presidents, oil, tobacco and weapons companies are all relieved they weren’t on the list this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide,”

    • ha ha, excellent response. Although I have to agree with the competition, EA are shocking to deal with, even worse than SKY.

    • Agreed Colm, in an America of pharmaceutical companies that skank third world children when their drug trials end, of Western Arms dealers that sell cattle prods and military hardware etc to totalitarian regimes, of oil companies and PMC’s – it’s nice to know that a video game manufacturer is the worst company in America.
      Perspective. Fanboys. Facepalm.

  2. Back lash to the same set relationship in ME3?

    There’s is the point about ridiculous day1 DLC, online passes… Taking companies like PopCap over & rather than task them with carrying on doing what they’re great at, making amazing digital games, they’ve mainly just got them to release their back cat all over Facebook & drop released Bejewelled 3

    I’d say it’s mainly for the ME3 scenes, maybe… But they’re are quite a few reason why they deserve a nomination… Eve if winning it over BoA is a bit of a joke

  3. Glad I’m not alone in hating EA. Sure they occasionally release a gem like Dead Space but I still haven’t forgiven them for destroying the Command and Conquer series and Dragon Age :(

    • dont forget they are the people sitting on the System Shock franchise too, hateful bastards.

  4. Stupid fucking fanboys

    • Quite. I can think of half a dozen worse videogame companies, let alone any kind of companies.

      • I’ve just found another reason why they were voted for…

    • I also thought that’s probably what it came down to. How sad.

  5. And in a world where Walmart exists! Ha!

  6. They “beat” a bank….people hate EA more than banks. A company that supplies a lot of good, nae excellent games to peoples homes..is hated worse than bank. I cant get my head around it, who are these people?

    • Americans…

    • And people aren’t in any way obliged to have any dealings with EA whatsoever.

  7. Haliburton > EA in terms of evil. afaik, EA hasn’t actually killed anyone….yet.

    That said, EA’s obsession with shoe-horning some form of skinner-box mechanic into every single game in their catalogue is really starting to depress me.

    • If Satan was CEO of Haliburton it would still be less evil than it is right now

      • Satan left in 2000, he had to concentrate on waging war in the middle east

  8. Worse than Activision? And the pleasant Mr Kotick? Really?

  9. I would of said MicroSoft :D

    • Of course you would.

      But then again we all already knew that.

  10. Good that EA got this, maybe it will give them a huge kick up the backside that they’ve been needing to get.

    • Judging from their response I’d have said not.

    • Why would they care? People still buy their games by the fuckton. Polls are meaningless because you know that a lot of the people that voted still buy their games!

      • Would be interesting to see how many that voted play BF3! :)

    • What difference will it make to them? It’s their name up in print again, albeit as head of a farcical survey, they’ll get more good from this than bad.

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