Mass Effect 3 Easter Hunt

The TSA Easter Hunt is becoming a bit of a tradition in the TSA community, with an Easter Hunt in 2009, 2010 (although replace egg with cake and April with August) and our Portal 2 hunt in 2011. This year we have hidden the Mass Effect “3” logo around the website. The rules are simple, you have to find the location of all of the hidden ‘3’ logos and tell us which article and where in it you found the image.

This time around we have a very special prize. We have two replicas of the SR-2 Normandy from the Mass Effect series up for grabs. Two successful entrants will be picked at random to win one and the competition is open to entrants in the EU. 

So what type of image are you looking for? This year you’re looking for the ‘3’ logo, which there are six of, and they could be hidden inside other images and could be in any orientation or colour. Some examples of where we had hidden them inside other images from last year can be found here and an example of what you are looking for this year is below.

It shouldn’t be too difficult a journey and will be a far cry from how tricky it was last year. Sure, we’ve not buried them in a dungeon but we also rec(k)on it’ll be a bit of fun over a quiet Easter.

The competition will close at 9:00pm on Monday 9th April (BST) at which point two winners will be picked at random. Good luck finding the six images and keep us up to date in the comments with how many you have found (but not where!).

Mass Effect 3 Easter Hunt
Please fill in this form to enter the competition.
1. TSA ID: *
2. Email Address: *
3. Please provide the titles of the articles where you found the ‘3’ logos

Terms and Conditions

  • Sharing the answers (links) or leaving hints or clues is forbidden and will result in you being disqualified from the competition and loss of TSA points.
  • Any ‘3’ logo on this page, such as the example above, is not counted towards the competition.
  • All ‘3’ logos are hidden in articles i.e. not in the forum.
  • Please do not draw attention to the articles that contain the ‘3’ logo by posting on them without good cause.
  • One entry per person.
  • The competition is open to the EU only.
  • Random decision is final.
  • The winner will be contacted via the email address that they used to enter.
  • Our usual Terms and Conditions apply.


  1. I would like that model ship but can’t be bothered hunting for the 3s :-( can I win one for doing nothing please? Thanks.

    • Did anyone else spot the other 3’s that werent ME3 3’s :P

      • How is this a reply to my comment? Or is it just a reply to my comment so it appears at the top of the first page? Sorry but I really hate that.

      • My bad, I saw reply and just clicked it.

    • Ok, so I’ve bothered looking now. Got 4, still trying to find other 2.

      PS, I LOVE what Nofi has done with some of the articles, genuinely made me laugh!

      • Woohoo found them all and submitted. Hope I win this one.

      • But not this one as Adam and I did this. Damn you, Cawley! :-P

  2. AG2297 and I are just swapping a few of the images out (with the doctored ‘3’ versions) so give us another three minutes and everything will be up there! Six images for everyone to find. :-)

    • Oh dear. It appears that I’ve sent an entry in that only has one of the six ‘3’ found by accident when I refreshed my browser page. Does this mean I’ve blown it.

      • Seeing as AG2297 and I are online making sure every thing’s updated I’m sure it’ll be fine but wait for the main man to give the nod, just to be sure.

      • Nope, I’ll discard your entry as we hadn’t quite got things in position yet so you’re free to enter again :)

      • Thanks for that. I don’t know how that happened but at least I’ll have another shot at this. Good idea for an easter egg hunt by the way.

    • are they all uploaded yet?

  3. Nice comp. Will have a look around now :)

    • just noticed it is 6! was looking for only 3.

      • got 4, where are these last 2? :s

  4. Entered :)
    I did the same as Origami Killer though and very nearly entered with the first 3 I found til I noticed you had changed it to 6 lol

    Great comp, good luck to all!

    • haha! I can’t find the last two. Won’t be entering though as it would be unfair for me to (as I dont care about ME). Was onyl searching for a little bit of fun :)

    • Haha! Strangely though, it never said 3! I imagine people saw the ‘3’ logo though and were getting confused so I edited it for clarity :).

      • It’s very possible I overdosed on chocolate eggs before reading it :P

      • There was just too much 3’s going on in the article I had 3 in my head!

      • In fairness, it does say “find the hidden ‘3’ logos” at one point, which if you’re reading quickly and miss the speechmarks, does look like there’s only three ;)

  5. Great tournament, managed to find them all and just entered then :)

    • Don’t know why I said tournament, bit dramatic. Either way great competition!

  6. i’ve got to 4 and they’ve stopped appearing -.-

  7. This is harder than I thought it would be lol

  8. I can’t even find one….

  9. I’ve only found 3 so far… trawling through the forums now.

  10. Hey fellas, if you don’t mind me asking, how far back do we have look, in terms of the days since an article was published that contain one of the ‘3’?

    • Most are very recent. Definitely nothing more than a few pages back. I think. :-)

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