Possible Black Ops 2 Reveal On 28th April

Image leak.

Sleuths over at the Call of Duty forums have been trying their luck poking around on the Activision servers and found the image below at http://www.callofduty.com/bo2/images – so it seems like it’s legitimate.

The image has since been removed and the posts on the forum deleted.

So what could the image mean? It’s so cryptic, we haven’t got a clue. All we know is that the date above is exactly two years to the day from the Black Ops reveal.

Source: Call Of Duty Community


  1. Let’s be honest, who’s really surprised by this? It’s so predictable by this stage that I actually couldn’t care less about if there’s a new Call of Duty game in the works. Although the game will probably be good, I couldn’t give a damn to be honest.

  2. I still wish they had chosen another name, with another subtitle, instead of ‘BO2’.

    What unbalanced, truly overpowered laser-like weapon will be this time? Start making bets!

    • i dunno, the BLOPS acronym always gives me a little smile.
      BLOPS, just sounds funny.

      for that reason alone i hope they keep it. ^_^

  3. I’ve been with CoD since the beginning, bought it on multiple devices but now after the disgrace that was MW3 i’m finally (and thankfully) turning my back on this stale series!

    The way they have treated the PC community is an absolute disgrace, if it wasn’t for us would you of been where you are now with your absurd timed DLC, non dedi servers and hackers running rampant? The way you allowed people to hack MW2 PS3 servers was probably the biggest fail i have ever seen and yet it was allowed to go on for some time.

    Treyarch for me are what true CoD fans want but even if that game they bring out this year radically changes the series i’m still not giving Acti another dime…..

  4. When will they take my money?

    They should drop the ‘Call of Duty’ now, I’m fact they should just drop the whole name and call it ‘Zombies’.

  5. Oh… wow ANOTHER one already?? No thank you. I gave my MW2 and W@W for free to my friend.

  6. Used to love cod games but now have 2 small nippers to enjoy so any valuable gaming time I now get is allocated to single player games which gives me a sense of achievement to complete rather than getting ‘pwned’ by racist, homophobic 14 year olds and coming away from a game with a feeling of general annoyance and sadness at life in general. This will likely be first cod I dont purchase for a while. Think I’ll carry on with likes of uncharted, loco roco, batman and eveybodys golf thanks.

    • That’s what I said last time but I still bought the bloody thing :( I’m so bored of FPS’ as well but there’s something about the COD hype machine that just drags me in..

  7. Good stuff, a great era to tell stories in & for me Treyarch make games 10 x the quality of the cluster-feck that IW churn out.

    Beyond this title though CoD needs to evolve in some way, would have been interesting to see what Sledgehammer came up with (the head honchos behind the original Dead Space) if they weren’t tasked with supporting IW in MW3 development due to the ‘sabotage’.

    Hopefully they’ll return to CoD: The Devils Brigade, style of game which was cancelled after the popularity of MW1. It was a genuinely interesting concept for a main franchise, although I suppose it never became such a main franchise until gamers voted with their wallets that they wanted MW-style campaigns.

    • “(…) for me Treyarch make games 10 x the quality of the cluster-feck that IW churn out. (…)”

      Really? I don’t think so. Not the cluster-feck mention, which is true, although at least MW3 is fun. I lately realized that I have more or less the same time played in BO and in MW3. One year vs some months.

      But the worst of Treyarch is weapon balance, they don’t care if the online is dominated by a single gun; and that ruins it.

      At the end, this is matter of likings, I know. I just can’t undertand why so many people enjoy using the same laser-gun all the time making everyone else game infinitely boring and frustrating.

      I will probably buy it, though. A couple of days of online gameplay and the campagin is fair enough.

  8. MW2 was a masterpiece!
    It had an absolutely brilliant soundtrack, one of the best ST in any game. The best COD storyline. Most iconic character, Ghost. It’s multiplayer was hear perfection. Best connection, best hit detection but a lack of support let hackers ruin the game and left OMA/Scavenger untweaked. Since MW2, COD has gone downhill. MW3 was a snooze fest and it’s online is catered for crap players.
    Blops was just a crap game in general, horrible framerate, bad hit detection, host pro, crap storyline and a absolutely horrible audio system.
    About time COD died. Treyarch are crap developers anyway.

  9. another call of duty i hope they head back to world at war style and wonder if treyarch will go for double the amount of dlc they put out for black ops

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