Possible Black Ops 2 Reveal On 28th April

Sleuths over at the Call of Duty forums have been trying their luck poking around on the Activision servers and found the image below at http://www.callofduty.com/bo2/images – so it seems like it’s legitimate.

The image has since been removed and the posts on the forum deleted.


So what could the image mean? It’s so cryptic, we haven’t got a clue. All we know is that the date above is exactly two years to the day from the Black Ops reveal.

Source: Call Of Duty Community



  1. Really not that interested anymore. COD can just go and die.

  2. This was completely unexpected.

  3. That is probably the most generic annoucenment image i’ve ever seen. Probably is true as every COD rumour for every COD game for the past few years has turned out to be true.

    Although, i think Blops 2 will have trouble succeeding due to MW3 being regarded as a disappointment by most and some may have abandoned COD.

    • Your excited, you know it… look to you heart.

      • I don’t care about COD as most modern FPSes aren’t my thing. :) Now, if it featured aliens, i would be interested. Or dragons. Or both.

      • …or aliens dragons?? That would be awesome.

  4. Seems legit if it was actually on their servers.

    I know I might get shot for this but I actually liked Black Ops (after they patched it due to such a crappy port to PS3).
    At least, it bought a few ‘new’ features like wager matches. Much better than that car crash called MW3 that cut out all the ‘new’ features.
    I’ll now show myself the door…

  5. Anyone with some knowledge of photoshop could knock that up in a few minutes, but if it’s on the COD website it’s more than likely correct.

  6. yay so excited

  7. I’ll buy it as long as it has zombies. Honestly, zombies is the only reason I pay attention to COD anymore.

  8. Come onnn, it’s so much safer to restrict permissions on things [on a web server] until you need them.

  9. I played MW3 yesterday as it hasn’t slipped into my PS3 since I was unfortunately given the game earlier this year. What a load of sh*t it was. Completely boring and seen before (as for the single player). Although the MP still holds its crown as best FPS online and i did actually enjoy playing that side of it, I can’t help feeling it needs something new. Blops 2 needs to be different in some way or another. They will be loosing a large fan base otherwise. But this wont impact on the sales so it doesn’t really matter.

    • You can’t blame the system though, the core gameplay works perfectly. It’s the levels, and the plot and the mechanics and the scenes that are crap.

      • As you say gameplay runs perfectly. Just bored of it though. Need to change the scripting/and general plot as its been the same for ages now. Wont change though, as long as it brings in the cash they don’t care.

      • The team that put mw3 together did a way better job, better sound, graphics, animation, maps & the scale of everything was larger(maps, buildings & thus character models.) I can only assume Sledgehammer & Raven are big t.arch/bops fans, as it looks & sounds the same, nothing like MW1&2. RIP IW, cmon Respawn & reclaim the fps dev throne.

      • shit lol… The team that put mw2* together.
        (insert facepalm here. )

      • haha lol. I enjoyed MW2. Probably my fav apart from 4 :)

    • As for Black Ops, i bet they’ll just do Zombies 2 and everyone will be happy, right?

      • haha yeah, bigger emphasis on zombies, with more levels to being with and Im sold :)

      • *begin with

      • It would actually be Zombies 3

      • They should just hurry up and release Zombies as a stand alone PSN title already. Include all the old maps, several new ones, and then they can release DLC in form of a new map whenever they have a new one to dish out. £3-4 for a new map seems fair to me.

  10. Why is the 2 red? Will there be Red Ops now?

    • It’s just to create contrast with the rest of the text and bring attention to itself. And green is already used by MW, so it will contrast with that too. And then there’s the symbolism of the colour, which I won’t go further into than saying passion, aggression and blood.

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