Podcast: Episode 59 – Tiger 13, Game of Thrones and EA

It’s not every week that we have such an interesting news topic to debate as the EA anti-gay lobbying. So we got stuck into that subject with gay abandon, gave it a rigorous seeing to and then allowed it to pop up throughout the rest of the podcast as we discussed everything else. Unfortunately, Kev was off at a wedding and he must have taken Moira Stewart as his “plus one” so the news headlines were back to their boring normal style.

[drop2]There was quite an “EA” flavour to the news this week, what with them announcing new Mass Effect 3 DLC to give “clarity” to the ending.

We also talked about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 before Lewis told us not to bother with The Devil Inside. Then Kris took a break while Lewis and I raved on about Game of Thrones’ return to our screens. I spoke a bit about Don’t Deux It! which was born out of the recent MolyJam Gamejams around the world – don’t worry, we also explain a little bit about what this was too.

There was entirely too much talk about Wrestlemania, which will please at least one regular listener. Then we had a baffling quiz and answered some questions. We’re talking about trying to keep the podcast a little bit shorter so it keeps its pace for the whole length of the ‘cast. Over two hours is quite tiring, isn’t it?

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. I think a certain someone has been copy and pasting again as the link to the thread is the new one. Wonder if Kris will rip you a new one for that Peter. Shall listen to this. :-)

  2. The new Game Of Thrones are just amazing. Really really glad they’ve come back and in such short time since the last series as well compared to most others.

  3. Watched episode one of the new series. Absolutely fantastic. Perhaps the only fantasy drama that can keep me on the edge of my seat without having to let a single drop of blood.

    • agreed. The writing is so good it doesn’t need action to build up tension.

  4. Wrestling. Happy.

  5. I shall be changing the theme toon for next weeks, “Video Games, Movies, Comics.. and audio boks, TV and an hours worth of fucking wrestling.. a podcast from Oscar Mike Media”

  6. Well I’ve listened to half of it. I’d agree 2 hours is too long, didn’t realise it was that long.

    My first Tsa podcast, had it on while I was playing a few rounds of tiger 13.

    Good stuff.

  7. i just finished listening.

    i still haven’t read the Game of Thrones book yet, or seen the tv series. :(
    i have to one day.

    i do read a lot of books though, i just reread the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy series again.
    including the sixth in the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy, And Another Thing.
    Eoin Colfer did a good job keeping it in the same style as the others, but nobody writes the Guide books like Adams.
    sadly that’s no longer possible.

    but Colfer did do a good job, the book was very funny, i would love to see him write more Guide books.

    one book i just finished a couple of days ago that was bloody brilliant, was World War Z, by Max Brook.
    subtitled, an oral history of the zombie war.

    it’s written as a sort of history book, it consists of interviews with survivors of a worldwide zombie outbreak.
    they’re all recounting their experiences, starting with small outbreaks in china, to the infected spreading across the world and then humanity being pushed to the brink of extinction, and then to the fight back.

    there have been a lot of zombie movies, but nothing with the scale of this book, the movies always show a single town or even a single country, but this shows how devastating it would be on a truly worldwide scale.
    it shows the kind of long term problems such an outbreak would cause, could you ever truly be safe again if even a single case could start the whole thing again.

    it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the movie version and the only character that is around for the whole book is the guy interviewing these people, and it’s written so that he is trying not to make it about him, that he’s just there as the voice of the reader, asking questions the reader might ask.

    i kept meaning to ask about your thought on Chronicle weeks ago, but i kept forgetting the question thread in the forum.

    anyway, here’s my view.

    i think the film is fantastic.
    the guy who plays the, sort of, villain, Andrew, was just amazing.
    he’s supposed to be the bad guy at the end, i don’t think that’s a big spoiler, they pretty much reveal that in the trailers.
    but for the most part he’s actually a pretty sympathetic character.
    with all the stuff he has to go through, you can understand why he does what he does.
    it’s only right at the very end, where there’s a pretty damn spectacular battle, that he really goes off at the deep end.
    but even then, he’s just angry at the world, and not without cause.

    the found footage style of the film could have been a problem, but they worked around it in a couple of ways, firstly they don’t restrict themselves to only using the main character’s camera.
    at the end they switch between camera phone footage, cctv, other people’s cameras.
    it takes away from the whole found footage theme, but it does mean we get to see more, so it’s a trade off that’s worthwhile in my opinion.

    also Andrew starts floating his camera around himself using his powers so we get a more traditional view for a lot of the film, but the camera is still a presence unlike most films.

    there’s already talk of a sequel, there’s a lot that could be explored in a sequel so i’d like to see one.

    and now the quiz.
    i got five, does that mean i win?
    and who the hell knew that as what a trine was?
    i didn’t. O_O

    on to the comic book movies.
    i would love to see a Wonder Woman movie.
    and casting, Gina Carano, the MMA fighter/actress
    i know that’s the populist view, but i still think she’d make a fantastic Wonder Woman.
    she would kick arse in that role.
    she’s a decent actress, she’s bloody tough, in real life too, she was an MMA fghter after all, and pretty beautiful to boot.

    actually it would just be nice to see more female superhero movies, there doesn’t seem to be many, not good ones anyway.
    the last female led comic book movie i can remember is Catwoman, and that was something of a travesty.

    a Halo Jones movie would be awesome though, i’d have to give some thought to casting though.
    sadly though, a quick google seems to indicate there was some dispute over ownership of the character, so that brought the series to a premature end and would make a movie version extremely unlikely. :(

    there has been talk of a Flash movie for a few years now, one writer apparently wanted to play up the science behind the Flash, the relativistic effects of his powers and involve the speed force.

    i can still remember when they introduced the speed force, i was reading the Flash at that time, as they were nearing issue 100.

    it was something about the human body not being able to generate the kind of power needed for the various speedsters of the DC universe, and there are quite a few, at least there were before the reboot, to run at the speeds they do.
    so they all just tap into this speed force, the Flashes tap directly and Jessie Quick uses an equation to access it.
    and i think it’s supposed to have actually been that Barry Allen didn’t actually die, he just joined the speed force.
    and i think he actually went back in time and became the lightning bolt that gave him his powers, or it might have been the one that gave Wally his powers.

    it was a few years ago now.

    what i really want to see is dc do what marvel have done and put out a series of films starring individual heroes, all leading to a Justice League movie.

    it’s not like with marvel where they have rights issues making things difficult, they’re all under the WB banner anyway, so if marvel can do it, then DC should be able to.

    maybe if the Avengers does well DC will consider going in that direction.

    hell, maybe the new superman is the first part the lead in to a JL movie.
    that would be great, they do seem to be taking cues from the DC reboot in that film so it could be.

    ok that went way longer than i planned. ^_^.
    great podcast guys.

    • Bloody hell girl!

    • This is the longest article I’ve ever seen on TSA. Wait…

    • It’s bigger then the article itself! What have you done Haz!? :p

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