Rockstar Employee CV Lists October As GTA V Release Date

You know what I learned today?  That a date listed on a CV means – apparently rather concretely – that said date is the final, absolute date that a game will come out.

A game that, by my reckoning, is absolutely not a matter of months away from release.  A game that would end up running at the same time as stablemate Bioshock Infinite and presumably mid-DLC for Max Paye 3.


That game?  Grand Theft Auto V.

Think of poor old Alex o’Dwyer, character animator over at Rockstar.  He listed October 2012 as the date that GTA V was to be finished as part of his CV.

If you hadn’t heard of him before, you’ll know him now.  And the date has since vanished from his resume and LinkedIn profile, making the news even more true, although caches and screengrabs of the evidence abound.

It’s all very exciting.



  1. please be true most wanted game this year.

    • It’d be great mate, but I’d lower your expectations to avoid disappointment. I’ll go with the general flow and expect it to be released next year, and possibly have a pleasant surprise!

  2. Oh Nofi..

  3. I’d take that news with a pinch of salt. The date could be the planned date the game is meant to be finished, but that doesn’t mean it would be released in that same month aswell.

    • As much as I want GTA V this year it makes sense what you have said.

  4. Thinking April again next year for it as the soonest is may be out,that or for the next gen of consols which sony/Ms say they wont be telling us about anytime soon

  5. That’s probably the ‘fix’ date when no more major changes or additions can be made to the game before going gold, I doubt that is when the game will actually be released.

  6. This doesn’t come as a shock really. I initially thought it would be April (keeping with IV’s release date) but obviously as it isn’t going to be this month then October is the next obvious choice as it’s the traditional GTA release month.

  7. you what i’d love to see.

    one of these kind of things and then when somebody contacts the developer they say something along the lines of “yeah, you caught us, it’s all true,”

    just once i’d love to see that happen. ^_^

  8. Absoloutely, 100% not happening. Rockstar release TWO games in one year? Er, no.

  9. I don’t see that happening with Max Payne (also typo in the post it says “Max paye”) being out this year, but a Christmas release would make sense.

  10. I’m with the majority in thinking it’ll be 10-12 months before we see GTA V hits the shelves. Just doesn’t seem very Rockstar releasing 2 AAA games in the same year. I can’t wait though, 5 years in the making!

    • But that was cos IV got delayed, it was originally meant to come out fall 2007 (around october/Nov) but it came out in April 08 instead. I would love for this to be true but as someone has pointed it, it is the date that this project is to be finished and then checked over for bugs and whatsnots, however rumours before pointed at this game having the plot of the 2012 theory so it wouldnt make much sense to releae it in 2013. Who knows? We’ll see at E3 :D

      • All good points, and I’d love a Christmas release this year, but I still think it’s too close to Max Payne 3’s release date. But yes, we will certainly see at E3, which everyone looks forward too!:)

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