New Resident Evil 6 Trailer Lands

Capcom has released a new trailer for Resident Evil 6.

What are you expecting me to say, watch it now!


A press release issued by Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will feature three separate campaigns, each with their own pair of protagonists for either solo or co-op play: online or offline.

Floppy-haired Leon Kennedy is partnered with US government agent Helena Harper, whereas Chris ‘Punch-a-boulder’ Redfield teams up with fellow BSAA agent Piers Nivans. The mysterious third playable character has been revealed as Jake Muller, said to be the son of perennial Resi bad guy Wesker. He will work alongside Sherry Birkin, who you may remember from Resident Evil 2 as the daughter of former Umbrella scientists William and Annette Birkin.

As the trailer reveals, the teams will be working to stop the spread of the new C-Virus from creating ‘new and deadly transformations’. The virus also gives rise to what is known as the ‘Chrysalide’ which can metamorphose into a new threat. Zombies will return but also new are the J’avo, enemies that have the ability to regenerate when injured.

Finally, the release date has been pushed forward by a month for a 2nd October release. Result!

Source: Press Release



  1. Yay! I’m a tiny bit gutted that they went co-op again because, as much as I loved playing with a friend, the prospect of having a partner eliminated most of the ‘horror’ aspect. They are going to have to make some serious changes to put that back in.

  2. I’ve only ever played RE4 and wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of the series, but both trailers I’ve seen for RE6 make it look brilliant. There’s enough due out in October though, so this may get missed by me personally.

  3. Yes Capcom looks awesome. I feel positive about DMC for some reason now…maybe they’ll all rock ^_^

  4. Sherry, not Ashley?
    I’m actually disappointed.
    Everyone thought it was Ashley…

    “Well…I see the president has equipped his daughter with ballistics too.” – Luis Sera

  5. So far this gen i would call ‘Capcom’ ‘Crapcom’ :-/ Hopefully RE6 will be good but it will never beat the good old days of the brilliant PlayStation Classics of RE1 + RE2 + RE3 + RE4.

  6. that trailer was awesome!!
    makes me wanna have it now!!!!!!!! =D
    can.not.wait! but.i.must!

  7. I got lost after Resident evil 3,
    once it left racoon city… now its spiraled out of control to which the world is always doomed.
    People complain about mass 3 yet this is ok lol.
    mind you i did just but resi4 off the network… may even give 5 a shot.

    • 4 is very good, though dated now by Dead Space. 5 was, in my opinion at least, awful, though made slightly more tolerable if played in co-op.

      • Agreed. #5 didn’t live up to the insane standards set by part #4. An enjoyable enough co-op action game but just not in the same league. Resi Revelations for the 3DS was excellent though so hopefully #6 brings the goods.

      • I don’t have a 3DS unfortunately, as with most Nintendo consoles of the last decade I struggle to find enough games that I like to justify the price of the machine, though Revelaitons :) was certainly of interest. My GF has a wii though so I just “bought her” Monster Hunter Tri and a classic pro controller, funnily enough she hasn’t played it yet, so I guess I’ll have to, shame.

  8. I might get it if I’m bored at the time.

  9. What have they done to Ada?! :(
    Still, cannot wait to play it so the new launch date makes me happy :D

  10. Why did they have to unreveal Wesker’s son? It would have had a greater impact if they kept it a sercet. I hope Chris won’t turn into the hulk this time around and beat up another boulder or throw a car.

    Also, Sherry may be interesting provided she is not Ashley mark 2. I think that Leon represents the survival horror genre whislt Chris represents the bould bashing and TPS genre.

    Ooo, i wonder if it turns out that Wesker Jr was HUNK. :O

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