Japan Getting $1300 Resident Evil 6 “Premium Edition”

I’ve never been one for special editions of games. Sure, there are some right corkers out there (the PC version of The Witcher 2 springs to mind), but more often than not you’ll get an art book and a soundtrack in exchange for up to 100 of your hard earned pounds.

The Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition coming to Japan is a bit different. Those who buy it will get a copy of the game, four RE6 branded phone covers (although there are conflicting reports saying they are tablet covers) and a full size, wearable replica of Leon’s leather jacket, which will come in a range of sizes.


The price for this slice of awesome is 105,000 Yen, which comes in at a jaw dropping $1300. As it’s Capcom I’m assuming the jacket will come without sleeves, and they will be available later on in a “super ultra” Premium Edition.

Source: Capcom via 4Gamers



  1. Erm.. no.

  2. ….pass

  3. As much as I love CE’s this is just stupid and barely anyone will buy it, if any. Worth £200 at most.

  4. That’s madness. $1300 for a jacket? Ok yes you get the game as well but come on. You would have to be crazy or have to much money to go for that. Well, if they give me free DLC I might be interested :p

    • Free DLC for all capcom titles for the rest of my life and I might be in on it.

  5. would rather save my cash and NOT look like a tool while im at it thanks :)

  6. While real high quality leather jackes always come with a price, this is asking a little much.
    *goes back to stroking his The Witcher 2 Collector’s Edition*

  7. I suspect it would be like the Adams Jacket from Dues Ex that you can buy and not actually look like the jacket from the game.

  8. Sounds rubbish for the money really!

    I’m going to be pedantic now, how come you guys convert things into dollars? I’m guessing you have a bigger US following than UK?

  9. Throw in a leon wig and some of those arm steak implants chris uses and youv got yourself a deal…

    • I lol’d so bad at Steak implants. Sat just laughing to myself right now

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