Nihilistic Details Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer

We’re little more than a month away from Vita’s debut first person shooter, Resistance: Burning Skies, which is due to launch on May 30th. To get the party started, the official PlayStation Blog will be plugging the game over the next few weeks, its most recent post shedding light on the game’s competitive multiplayer.

Matches will be structured for 2v2/4v4 encounters, featuring options for Deathmatch and TDM with a third mode due to be announced next week. Burning Skies will launch with 6 stock maps inspired by various locales in the singleplayer component.


As with the majority of modern online shooters, the game will also adopt and rank system that slowly builds as the player gains XP. In time this, along with your singleplayer progress, will combines to unlock new loadout options.

Burning Skies will also reward players for integrating with the PlayStation community. Aside from being able to form squads via the console’s “Party” function, “Near” can be used to acquire “social perks” such as XP multipliers.



  1. Visually it looks dreadful but could be fun.

    • Yeah, I’m really surprised by this, since their a second-party (?) developer, and they’d surely have tech direct from Sony?

      • *they’re – I can’t stand spelling mistakes…

      • Yeah. Can’t only hope the final game looks a bit more polished.

      • Can* looks like we are all falling at spelling and grammar today

  2. Considering how amazing Wipeout 2048 looks and plays online, and at the maximum Vita resolution, this looks average.

    • *shite not average.

      • Woah, woah…I wouldn’t go THAT far. Sure it doesn’t look the best, but the variety and such so far looks pretty intriguing, at the least.

      • come on Youles, at least its another vita MP, I know I will see you online playing it

      • I suppose but since being blown away by the textures, lighting effects, scenery and graphics in general in Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048, I just expected much more – this is not even close to the games I’ve mentioned. My point about Wipeout before is that games don’t need to be compromised visually to run well online.

      • @TM – lol, actually mate think I’ll give it a miss. I need to be realistic with my Vita – its not gonna get the use my PS3 does therefore I should get drawn into buying every game for it! My next Vita purchase will probably be MGS (2 and 3)! :)

      • *shouldn’t

      • Did you watch it in HD?

      • No idea, watched it on my iPhone 4S if that helps.

      • it really looks quite good in 720p lol, not amazing but far from bad

      • Wipeout is a racer, so you really can’t compare it to a shooter. I mean, Wipeout HD and Gran Turismo 5 run at 1080p and 1440x1080p respectively with 60Hz, but then CoD games run at much less than 720p to get that.

        2048 is native resolution and at 30Hz, with dynamic resolution switching when things get hectic. Uncharted quite famously runs at less than native resolution, shuts off wireless connectivity and, I think, only ever really has 3 or 4 NPCs on screen at any time, in order to run how it does within the power usage limitations.

        So there’s different limitations in different places. It’s still effectively a launch title, so all the developers are still finding their feet somewhat. If it was a 2nd or 3rd year game, I would certainly want to see improvements to the graphics and capabilities over what is on show here.

        Almost a must buy for me, just to get the first real shooter for the machine.

      • I won’t buy it just cos it’s the first shooter, I’ll wait for something better. After all my PS3 is my main console. I see what you’re saying but its not even close to the other games, that’s my point.

      • Youles your being way to harsh but that is your opinion mate.

      • I didn’t mean to upset anyone, I’m sure lots of people will enjoy it. Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled and my expectations raised since only having Uncharted and Wipeout. Having been underwhelmed by Resistance 3, this just doesn’t do much to grab me unfortunately.

      • no problem mate different strokes & all that. demo might swing you over :)

      • Very true. Watched it again today and my first comment was more accurate, “shite” was a little harsh! :)

  3. Wasn’t AT ALL hyped for this before this trailer. Now I’m kinda crazy about it. Not much more to say except, I need a vita!

    • No, you ALWAYS do this. You see a trailer for anything and you gt crazy over it, and then you lambaste people for doing the same thing. And you don’t have the money to be buying a Vita, I don’t know how many more times I have to tell you this. GOD.

      • This amuses me, you’re like an old married couple. :-P

      • You’re right, it was a knee-jerk reaction…I’m sorry :(

      • Since when have I lambasted people over such things anyway?

      • When have you lambasted it? What about when I was talking about how the film Ted looks really good, and you said that I was fooled by the trailer which is designed to make me want to see the film? Oh yeah, that was completely different.

      • Either I’m missing something here, or the fourth wall is being shattered.

      • Yeah this is fourth wall stuff. Just to clear up, I wasn’t being serious about Ted, I think it was pretty obvious that what I was saying was a joke. That is all.
        This game looks good in terms of multiplayer, but I predict that it’ll unfortunately be an average game, which is a shame because I love the resistance franchise.

  4. on my buy list for SP but this MP will be great as well.

  5. Cant wait for this, I love me some resistance just not 2

  6. Looks great but a shame it’s not 8v8. I’m sure games in the future will support that though.

  7. Already pre-ordered. Mostly for the SP though. Sure it may not look amazing, but for an early title on a handheld I think it seems decent, and gameplay and story will be more important anyway. Don’t like how enemies simply splatter and disappear though.

  8. I’m not ahuge fan of the series since the first one but i do want me some FPS on Vita… soon… so it depends how long i can hold out.. :)

  9. Not good.

  10. Don’t get how people can say this does not look good 0_0? + It will look even better on the OLED screen. That being said the framrate could be improved abit.

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