Harada: No Paid DLC Characters For Tekken

Tekken head honcho Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed that the series, unlike other fighters, won’t be seeing paid DLC characters any time soon.

Speaking in to Edge in response to the controversy surrounding Street Fighter X Tekken’s on disc DLC, Harada stated that a similar route would not be taken for Tekken X Street Fighter.


“This isn’t really directed at Capcom, I have always said this, but I see the characters and their move sets as chess pieces – they are essential items necessary in the game and we would never sell any of those individually.”

Harada was keen not to be seen as critical of his new partners in business, saying that if the decision to include characters on the disc was likely taken to ensure that players without the DLC characters could fight against each other.

However, he was wary to entirely rule out paid downloadable content for the series further down the line, but he suggests that such content would not be vital to the gameplay experience.

 “There are some strange people on Twitter who ask for really peculiar items like bikini suits for Lee Chaolan.

“Obviously, we wouldn’t have had that in our original development plan, so if we were going to do it, we’d need to create it right now, without a budget – obviously we’d have to charge a little bit for such items.”

Source: Edge



  1. Refreshing.

  2. Apreciation level increased by 3!…
    THAT’s how you do it!

  3. Take note capCON

  4. This is lovely to hear. Very much appreciated

  5. Katsuhiro Harada


  6. I love Harada he seems like a honest and nice chap, can’t wait for TTT2 but if its on Vita I’d be so excited I’ve spent so much more hours on fighting games on a portable console than a home console.

  7. Some faith in humanity has been restored…

  8. What’s this? DLC that won’t have cost you anything? Or is locked to the disc thus locking out a part of the fecking game despite you buying it brand new. I don’t think that is how DLC is suppossed to work anymore. ;)

    On a serious note, i’m glad that there are still some publishers/developers who will still give their customers free DLC and not have the fecking things locked to the fecking disc like a certain publisher who treats us as their ATM.

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