Guild Wars 2 Beta Date Announced

The first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event will take place from April 27th until April 29th. The announcement came via Twitter.

Registration took place in February with over 1 million people signing up for the chance to be a part of the Guild Wars 2 beta. Those who have pre purchased the title will also have access. Details for when the game client will be available will be announced in the next few days.

The forums will also be closed until closer to launch though Beta forums will be up and running during the Beta phase so people can post their findings.

Source: Twitter



  1. Never played one…

  2. Signed up and ready for this, can’t wait.

  3. I was really hoping it was going to be this weekend to get me through my 5 hour Art exam. Im really looking forward to it no doubt though server overload will result in download not being finished until late on Sunday im sure.

    • I type quite strangely on my Vita :P

  4. This game is going to kick ass!!!
    I singed with both my E-mails!

  5. I missed the sign up and would have to use my housemates computer even if I hadn’t, but I’m sad i won’t be able to play this :( would be nice to catch up with my old guild from DAoC.

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