Sony’s 3D PlayStation Display Now Available In Europe

Remember the 3D monitor that Sony showed off at last year’s E3? It’s been out in the US for a while now but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a European release and have been disappointed… until now!

The press release came through this morning to let us know that the 24 inch, 1080P 3D Display is now available in Europe, although I’ve checked and it’s still not showing up on Amazon just yet. For its European release, the display is bundled with a couple of games – Platinum versions of Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 as well as an HDMI cable and two pairs of rechargable 3D glasses.


Those 3D glasses will also allow you to use the display’s SimulView feature, showing a totally different 2D image to two different players, allowing a kind of split screen 2-player mode without having to split the screen!

There are two HDMI ports as well as a component port, which the press release says is for a PS2 or PSP connection but we assume it will accept DVD players, freeview boxes and the like too.

The bundle is priced at £449.99, hopefully retailers will start updating their listings soon.

Source: Press release.



  1. I think you lot are underestimating the pricing here! Both pair of glasses themselves will be roughly £100, the two games are £20 there abouts and the HDMI cable if Sony will be £10 upwards. The 24″ monitor therefore is about £275 which for Sony is extremely competitive.

    • thas fair enough, but its 24inch? I don’t know many people playing on a 24inch tv, especially 3D.

      • My iMac is bigger at 27 inches so could never think of gaming on a screen any lower now (I’ve a 40″ LED screen too).

      • And when I say ‘iMac’….. ;)

      • 24″ is perfect for pc gamers, also most 3d monitors only work with nividea so any one who wants 3d on an ATI card needs to use a 3d tv. And there’s very few active 1080p sets this small.

  2. I have trouble understanding what made Sony go with just one screen size, and a 24 inch at that.

  3. expensive me thinks.

  4. Bit small, but the target audience will think it’s perfect. I have my own apartment and game in the living room. If I was living with my ma and residing in my bedroom ha, thus would be ideal. If I had a gaming room I might be tempted.

  5. Not in the market for a 3DTV. But that split screen idea is awesome. I’m assuming if you play split screen that way, each player will see 2D and 3D only works in S/

    • :/

      *…3D only works in single player?

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