Soul Sacrifice Might Just Be The Monster Hunter Clone The Vita Needs

Let’s face it, the PS Vita isn’t exactly setting the shelves alight over in Japan, and the lack of a Monster Hunter title is surely contributing to the poor figures.

[drop2]With Capcom seemingly unwilling to even officially hint at a Vita Monster Hunter game, it’s left to others to fill the game. Thankfully, at least in principle, it’s looking like there’s going to be one such effort from another developer.

Picked up by retail blogger Sinobi, it looks like there’s going to be an announcement event for a new brand unannounced PS Vita game titled “Soul Sacrifice” on May 10 at the Tokyo International Forum Venue.

It’s unclear yet whether this is a first party title, but there’s a website that currently resolves back to, so it’s looking likely.

Apparently the themes include “a story about magicians” with evolved co-op battling and “high spec” graphics in a “realistic, fantasy world.” This week’s Famitsu magazine has an advert for the game, which demonstrates that Soul Sacrifice will feature four player co-op and “huge monsters”, but much more is expected in May when the event kicks off.

Hopes are high, but if this is something Sony are developing, chances are it’ll play to a very specific crowd and hit the ground running.

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  1. Sounds cool, I’m looking forward to see more details and a trailer. Might be just what the psv needs.

  2. As much as I love Monster, I’ve never been adverse to the idea of rip-offs or lookalikes (apart from Hunter Blade.)

    Adding a magical, medieval twist appeals to me more than the futuristic almost anime-like God Eater series.

  3. How can you have a realistic fantasy world? That’s utter nonsense that is!

  4. Sounds pretty good. Let’s hope that it turns out to be a good game and that it gets localised. I’m still waiting for Lord of Apocalypse if that’s ever going to get a western release.

  5. God’sss Eater was poor and that SE game was awful… but however Phantasy Star Portable was brilliant even if it wasn’t like Monster Hunter it was quite good for a RPG, more of that than Monster Hunter then? Hope so.

    Sacrifice all to the NAaaaarga!!

  6. IGN reckons this is less Monster Hunter, and more Demon’s Souls…
    Both sound awesome, I’d prefer the second option, although maybe it’s a bad idea seeing as my warranty died with GAME…

  7. Im really yearning for a good portable RPG for my Vita! The last one I got into must have been Pokemon Leafgreen :P

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