Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth Stars In Starhawk Video

We’ve known for a while now that Sweet Tooth was coming to Starhawk. This little bit of Sony first party cross promotion will see a code to download the Sweet Tooth skin included in new copies of the game. Considering how crazy the standard enemies in Starhawk look, it seems that Sweet Tooth and his huge machete are a natural choice.

The PlayStation Blog has posted the first video of the Twisted Metal figurehead in his Starhawk Outcast costume. They’ve changed the colour of his flames and given him a bit of bony armour to make him blend in. I think he looks like a pretty decent fit.


We assume Europe will get a similar deal, although this information is from the US Blog. Starhawk is due for release on the 8th of May in the US and the 11th of May in Europe.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Join the public beta today?! It closed ages ago :P

  2. Sweet Tooth consumed by Rift energy and turned into an outcast

    Cool for a cross promotion. Not sure I’m a fan though, prefer to keep things as they were designed to be.

  3. I think this is the only game ST really belongs to. Putting it say to MK or LBP would be beyond pointless.

  4. Like it. Must buy TM!!

  5. Love this game, and adding new skins only sweetens the deal ;) Roll on May 11th.

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