Norway Killer Breivik Says He “Trained On Videogames”

CNN is reporting that Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway last Summer, “trained” using videogames, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in particular.

The Norwegian, who has admitted to the murders and claims that he murdered his victims “to fight multiculturalism” also apparently played World of Warcraft for up to 16 hours a day, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else.


The article goes into depth about his apparent motives and actions, but doesn’t dwell or expand further on the headline.



  1. Played COD and WoW.. guess which one will be blamed.

    • So far, I’ve only heard about WOW in the Norwegian media.

      • BBC only reporting about WOW over here as well.

        Can’t get much more multicultural than a world populated by gnomes, night elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, and trolls.

      • i bet he was the kind of player that spent hours killing the quest NPCs in booty bay to grind rep with one faction or another.

        selfish bastards they were.

      • If someone actually manages to convince themselves that any video game was even partially responsible for his terrorist-actions, they are either outright stupid or they have no knowledge on either subject.

        Having read the opening paragraph only of the linked article, it seems the BBC are intentionally over-emphasizing this silly little note of Breivik to appeal to the apparent ever videogame-hostile Britain.

        The opinions I’ve read on this in Norwegian media are all dismissing this as just another unrealistic and childish idea of Breivik, which really should be obvious if you follow the case. It’s just nonsense really.

  2. We should play the game then, it might teach us how to defend against a lunatic :p

    • Ha ha

      **inserts CoD MW2 into xbox **

      • *watches as CIA and MI5 surround bigbadwolfs house, smash his back doors in then cart him off ofr beng a terrorist*

      • “smash his back doors in” – That was deliberate wasn’t it you naughty boy

      • “smash his back doors in”

      • ha ha….terrible just terrible.

      • @3shirts
        The wolf has multiple back doors… ?

      • Can everyone please leave my back doors alone lol

  3. “doesn’t dwell or expand further on the headline” – That has to be a first! Still, wait until the Fail gets hold of this one.

    • Or The Sun, or The Mirror, or This Morning, or The Wright Stuff, or Alan Titchmarsh…. The press and TV will have a field day on this.

  4. I wonder what the headline of the metro will be tomorrow…

    • Norway Killer Breivik Says He “Drank RedBull to maintain energy during the killings”

      Energy drinks are the work of the devil. Banish them all.

    • Well, I’m sure it won’t be:
      “Shocking, psychopath enjoyed playing video games where you kill people.”

      Probably something much more sensible like:
      “Dreamcast’s Modern Warfare 4 turns people into terrorists!”

  5. And the “blame video games” story continues.
    Personally I’m tempted to chuck a load of bananas at other drivers on my trip home tonight and then blame it on the huge amount of Mario Kart 7 I’ve played this week

    • Lol!

      Do we know if he Platinumed MW2? I’m just trying to establish how well “trained” he is. And because I’ve played all the CoD games, can I enter the army and go straight to Sergeant level?

  6. When it first came out about the videogames this fall, us gamers over here got looked down on from other people.

  7. Just what the games industry needed, a news article related to the Norway killer.


  8. Yet another unstable madman leaves this world and video games will be blamed for the chaos he left behind. People have to have a screw loose in the first place to want to replicate anything in a video game but nooooooooooo, it’s obviously the games that drive people mad.

    • he doesn’t seem unstable to me, i think he knew exactly what he was doing.

      he’s just evil.

      there’s a difference between being insane and being evil.

      • I think you are right there. He consistantly has a reason for what he done

      • Unstable was probably the wrong word but I think you get the gist of what I mean.

  9. He lived with his mum and played video games almost all day until he he became radicalised and began planing the attack, considering he is sane dispite what the Norwegian government would want you to believe he probably wasn’t using them as serious “training”.

  10. how come we never see stories like this about how religion is bad when these people say god told them to do it?

    • We do all the time but no one what’s to piss off God, just in case.

      • actually i do.
        frankly, if there is a god, he’s got a hell of a lot to answer for.
        i’d love to personally repay him in kind for all he’s done.

      • Still pissed of about the minis ;)
        Doubt the big man will take responsibility.

      • i was thinking more of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and diseases.
        that stuff.

        as for the minis, that’s scee’s fault, and clearly, scee are the work of the other guy.
        i’d happily give him a kicking too. ^_^

      • @hazelam – what about the number of times he’s wiped out humanity, save a few special people, for not doing what they were told…..I’d like to know what his excuse was for that – and he can’t blame video games either as it was before they existed.

      • it’s funny how religion glosses over the whole genocide thing. o_O

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