PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Site Registered By Sony

The rumour of a “Smash Bros.” style game featuring Sony characters has been doing the rounds for some time now. Well, it seems that SCEA has registered the “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” domain name.

Geoff Keighley has also been on that there Twitter claiming that this Thursday will see the unveiling of a “huge new PS3 exclusive”.


All aboard the hype train! Woo woo!

Source: All Games Beta



  1. Dumb name. But then again, I probably couldn’t think of a better one…

    • Wait. There’s gonna be TWO ‘major ps3 exclusives’ announced or does this all tie in with the French announcement?

      • It’s confusing, but I hope(and it seems as if) Sony are on the drive for sales. This is positive as it means more games being released! I agree it’s a stupid name, but I hope it doesn’t hold it back…. I also hope it isn’t the same as the other French announcement like you said…

    • It is a pretty crap name. But if the game is good – and if they’re ripping off Smash Bros, they really do have to make it good – they can call it what they bloody well like as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Yes! Looking forward to this. I don’t mind the name too much. Haha they should just call it PS4; four sounding the same as death in Japan.

  3. So, Sony characters will be put on an island and forced to kill each other? My money is on Kratos.

    • Its like Mobile Fighter G Gundam as well, an island for the final BATTLE.

  4. I see what Sony’s doing! They’re announcing some of the Blockbuster PS3 Titles now so that when E3 comes, focus more on VITA. OF course they’ll talk about them but they’ll save a lot of space for VITA to get it flying off shelves.

  5. Choo choo!

    • Watch the apex…. feck, over-railed game over man.

      • …and in reality its De-railed but over is just a special hyper boost button for Maximilian speed powa!

  6. So does that mean there 2 ‘Big Exclusive’ reveals within the next 2 weeks!!

  7. Kratos Vs the Rest

    helgan Vs chimera

    • Joe Capellia v Nathan Hale
      Jak v Ratchet
      Daxter v Clank

      This could be good :D

      • Jak vs Ratchet alone is enough to convince me ;)

      • Tag Teams:
        Joe & Nathan Vs Drake & Sully
        Jak & Daxter Vs Ratchet & Clank

        Sly Cooper Vs Crash Bandicot

        Cole Vs Kratos

        LBP Vs Modnation

  8. Kind of annoying that Sony are doing the same thing before E3 like they did last year.
    Unveil pretty much everything.
    And it isn’t just because they’ve got tons of Vita stuff to show because they’ve been doing it year on year.
    It makes their conference far less interesting to watch.

    • Yeah, but at the moment everybody is talking Sony. At E3 there is a lot more competition. They want everybody to know about there games now, so that come E3. People will want to know about them…

    • they revealing the games trailers now then maybe gameplay at E3

  9. If they’re inspired by a Nintendo game I hope Sony remember to pack the fun, sometimes the desire to be more ‘real’ than Nintendo means it can feel a bit sterile

  10. They will really need to pull out everything out of the hat when it comes to the charecters, they will make or break a game like this, if they dont include the really popular ones it wont match up to super smash bros, they someone from almost every game frachise they have going in there, and several from their most popular ones

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