Parts Of PSN Currently Down, 80023017 Errors

We’re seeing reports that suggest the PlayStation Network is currently having problems, or at least parts of it, from around the web this evening.

Apparently 80023017 errors are popping up when people try to access the Store, passwords are being returned invalid when logging in and games are being signed out.


Attempts to access the Account sections are met with ‘maintenance’ messages.

Nothing from Sony yet on this that we can see but we’ll keep on eye on this for the time being, it might just be a server load issue.

Update: or it could relate to this – looks like the next Vita Homebrew Loader game has been revealed. If the only way Sony can remove a game is to… No. Surely not?



  1. no problems my end been working fine.

    • you sir are gifted my end has always been wonkey…..although i did have an 80023017 error earlier today????

  2. I’d really appreciate it if the Vita hackers could just stop now please.
    It’s quite clear Sony are just going to continue being ruthless about making sure you can’t get the games to load the Homebrew stuff, so please stop.
    It’s just causing the rest of us unnecessary hassle.

    And Sony, can you figure out a way to remove a game from the store without destroying the PSN in the process please?
    It comes across as really unprofessional.

    And fix the game quicker than last time too, so people who’ve paid for it can download it again soon. Again, professionalism.

  3. Well I had an error code that apparently relates to the PS3s power, but stopped me signing back into PSN! Probably unrelated

  4. Wtf, those ****… if that’s the reason why I can’t play a good game of Monster Hunter then I hope they get sued to hell.

    Scum.. and how could Sony get loads of money from the exploits? ridiculous they’ll be taking the support of the PSP down sooner or later if this carries on.

    • The main problem with that is how will Japan react?


    • Nobody touches the only activity I do with my life… and that is GAME!
      not including fap of course.

    • Hm I don’t know, I guess that sales of PSP downloads in EU and anywhere that isn’t Japan isn’t so good surely it wouldn’t be affected but it is a crap comment really as usual.

      I guess I’m just over-reacting so please don’t mind, hehe :]

      @International Gamer: I admire your passion for your hobby, its sad people go such lengths to ruin ones’s experience. That’s how the world works I guess. They can freely open a gateway to piracy.

  5. No no, you’re all wrong. It’s “unplanned maintenance”.

    Oh, hang on, where have I heard that before?

  6. Isn’t this about a year since the great PSN hack?

  7. This explains why i couldn’t sign in then

  8. hack hack hack hack now i can play spectrum games on the gaystation…..manic miner HD

    • The PS3 is gay? :O I didn’t know that. In fact, i didn’t even know consoles could be gay.

      • Everything good is.

        Very happy.

      • By god, THE MACHINES ARE LEARNING! They now know Happy, soon it will be angry then the termination of the human race! *dons Tin Foil Hat* We are doomed i tells ya! DOOMED!

  9. I was Jizzed offline around half an hour ago, but didn’t bother trying to sign back in. I think it’s back up now though, the website PSN indicator has gone from yellow partially available to green all systems go!!

    • Urgh.

    • Jizzed off an hour ago and now it’s back up. Fnar!

    • Yeah, not the best turn of phrase to have used, ahem! kicked…
      Was calling the game screen a pile of Jizz at the time due mild frustration at having to restart some game mission challenges several times over, and it just carried over into my comments on here. :P

  10. 7.24am and its all working for me.

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