Torchlight II Opening Cinematic & Art Style Revealed

Runic Games has released the opening cinematic for Torchlight II, which helps to link the stories of the first and second games of the series.

Going by the name ‘New Heroes Will Rise,’ the cinematic also shows off the art direction of Torchlight II. Art Director Jason Beck spoke about it.

“When we started talking about doing cinematics we also had to be pragmatic… we couldn’t go big-budget CG, nor did we want to go with in-game cutscenes. We landed on doing something that was heavily stylized and 2D.

Some of the inspirations included the opening 2D sequence in Kung-Fu Panda, the cinematics from Heavenly Sword, the flashback God of War 3 cinematics, and Samurai Jack.

Since our game is almost entirely from a three-quarter, top-down viewpoint we wanted to use the cinematics to give players views they simply didn’t get in game; a bit more sense of place and environment with vistas they couldn’t see otherwise.”

A release date for Torchlight II has yet to be confirmed, but it will be PC & Mac only. The game will also feature co-op multiplayer, as well as a larger in game world to explore.

Source: Torchlight 2




  1. its alright but doesn’t really impress

  2. That was pretty good, can really see the Samurai Jack in there.

    I thought T2 was coming to consoles? I was looking forward to playing 2 player local coop.

  3. Opening cinematic isn’t great imo, but I’m still looking forward to the game, co-op will be great!

  4. Ya, greatly enjoyed the first game. Been looking forward to this for a while now.

  5. Yay, that vid was in 3d (i pulled out my cinema glasses) wonder if theres more 3d stuf on youtube??

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