Download The Torchlight II Soundtrack For Free

Torchlight 2 will be released on PC tomorrow and to celebrate the launch, Runic Games are giving away the music from the game for free.

The full official soundtrack has been “mixed and mastered specifically for your listening enjoyment” and comes with some natty CD covers to print out if you are old fashioned and like your tunes on shiny discs.


The download is 120 meg and you can grab it by tickling this link, grabbing the love of your life and performing a fandango.*

Source: Torchlight II Blog

*Fandango performance optional.



  1. i like free stuff too. ^_^

    what’s a fandango anyway? o_O

    • Google it.

      • do it myself?
        i hardly think so. ^_^

        ok, a dance in triple time.
        what’s triple time?
        JK. ^_^

  2. You can get the first game’s soundtrack, and indeed the game itself (along with Shatter, Rochard, Dustforce, Vessel and SPAZ) from the new Humble Bundle.

  3. Can’t wait to get in from work tomorrow. TL2 Pre-loaded. Cocked, locked, and ready to rock!

    Play all night until the shops open so I can go get my copy of BL 2, then play that all day (and probably all night too :P)

    There is going to be so much loot this weekend, Mr Skinner may rise from the dead for a well earned “I told you so” ^_^

    • * Apologies, it should be Dr. Skinner. All due defference.

  4. Will try the demo out first but cannot wait for that. Really hope the game is a co-op blast! Day 1 purchase if so (a copy for me, a copy for Hannypoppie). I’ll check out the soundtrack in-game then go snag it if it’s any good.

  5. Please say this is coming to the consoles.Pretty please???

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