Torchlight II Release Date Announced

Runic Games has announced Torchlight II will release on 20th September. The long-awaited sequel will be available as a digital download from Steam, Gamersgate, Runic Games, Perfect World, Gamefly and Gamestop. Follow the links should you want to pre-order and get the first game for free as a bonus for.

There will also be a demo available on release should you inexplicably remain unconvinced by the launch trailer below, or the incoming list of features: four classes, six-player cooperative multiplayer (via LAN and online), a far more involved storyline than the first game and a large world to explore and plunder.


I played the Torchlight II beta way back in May and covered it in Cheap PC Gaming, perhaps a little further in advance than I thought it would be at the time. Go read that should you be interested in finding out what I thought (hint: I liked it). Meanwhile, you can watch the launch trailer below.



  1. Hopefully this game isn’t a disappointment like some similar game that was released a few months ago.

  2. Woo, finally! Looking forward to it!

  3. The Vita needs this!

  4. Bloody awesome news. Finally! Been waiting months for this to launch. Thankfully, I’ve refrained from pre-ordering it with the demo being my first port-of-call before committing financially.

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