Batman: Arkham City GOTY Coming Soon

Another year, another 8 GOTY titles are to be released. However, this one may just deserve the title.

Rocksteady has announced that their recent caped crusader escapades will be hitting the shelves sometimes this year with all the DLC released to date AND a new story expansion that Peter mentioned a few weeks back.


So with the game, along with the new Harley Quinn DLC yet to be released, you will also get the controversial Catwoman DLC, the Robin and Nightwing challenge maps, some extra skins and the Batman Year One movie.


Update: The Harley Quinn DLC will also be out separately on the PSN on April 29th ($9.99) and on Xbox LIVE on April 30th (800 MSP). These dates seem a little off (Sunday and Monday) so we are getting confirmation.

Update 2: The date confusion has been cleared up. DLC due May 29th and 30th.

Source: Gameranx.



  1. Nope. :)

  2. Possibly. Just out of interest, what criteria is in place for a game to get a GOTY release?

    • If the publisher wants it to be seems the general idea. ;)

      I’m sure there is slightly more detailed criteria, but I’ve yet to work out what they are.

      • Nope, that’s it as far as I can see.

  3. does anyone know if GOTY editions usually work with existing save games?

    • Yeh they do. They are exactly the same game (when released on the same console), they have just packed the disc full of the addons.

      • Not necessarily. Some editions feature different save systems and sometimes trophies (eg. Tomb Raider Underworld).

      • Not strictly the same as you guys mention but I know from experience that the standard and limited editions (or whatever) of Dead Space 2 work weirdly. It’ll log your trophies, but none of your partial progress towards targets between the two, but not save games.

    • My Assassin’s Creed II save game didn’t work with the GOTY/complete edition and my inFamous disc based save game didn’t work with the PSN version without editing the file name on my pc, so I am skeptical if it will work.

  4. Yup, have yet to play this but I have no problem waiting for the GOTY edition to fall in price before I pick it up.

    • I with you on that. Still need to play Asylum aswell.

  5. I have the Catwoman steel book edition xD

  6. Sounds purr-fect for me!

    I’ll let myself out.

  7. Didn’t like this game in the slightest so, no I won’t be buying :)

  8. I wanted to get one of the steelbook editions or the collectors edition with the statue but seen as a shed load of DLC as been released for the game i may just pick up the GOTY edition.

  9. Loved the first game, but never got round to picking up the second. This should be enough to warrant a purchase if the price is right.

  10. I’m hoping to get back into Batman AC as there are some challenge rooms I need to finish for my platinum, this could be the ideal way of doing it if it’s available from Lovefilm.

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