May PS Plus Content Revealed

The EU blog has just posted up this month’s goody bag for all the PS+ subscribers, and it’s a fine month indeed. I count 9 free PS3 games along with a spattering of PS2 classics and minis.

Our very own Tuffcub did a bit of nifty calculation and worked out that it’s over £80 of free stuff. Not bad for £40 a year huh.

From May 2nd

PS3 Games

  • Awesomenauts – 100% off
  • Hamsterball – 100% off until July 4th
  • Wakeboarding HD – 100% off until July 4th
  • Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 100% off until July 4th
  • Sky Fighter – 100% off until July 4th
  • Ricochet HD – 100% off until July 4th
  • Mushroom Wars – 100% off until July 4th
  • Magic Orbz – 100% off until July 4th
  • Smash Cars – 100% off until July 4th
  • Classics

  • Silent Hill (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • Only available until 9th May 2012 – grab it before it’s gone!

  • Max Payne (PS2 Classic) – 100% off
  • minis

  • Velocity (minis) – 100% off and two weeks exclusively for PS Plus.
  • LA Gridlock (minis) – 100% off
  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Zack Zero – 50% off
  • James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game – 30% off
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – 30% off
  • Themes & Avatars

  • Mad Riders Plus-Exclusive Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • OddWorld Plus-Exclusive Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • And to come slightly later, there is the following.

    Still to come later in May:

  • Datura – Launch discount
  • Binary Domain – Launch discount
  • Mad Riders – Free day-one DLC pack available at launch

So there you have it. A pretty big haul of free games and content next month. Will be interesting to see how much of a discount Datura gets.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I got Plus mainly for the auto-updates and cloud saving. That means I view pretty much all the free content as genuinely free.
    I win

    • I guess thats a way of seeing it.

  2. Crikey! I’ve only just managed to get the free space to download Shift2.. I think I’ll need a new HDD soon! Awesome content drop. Especially happy to be able to play Max Payne again!

  3. Good update, i played the Sky Fighter demo when it released and it was epic!
    I knew it would come to pS+ so im glad i didn’t buy it!

  4. I’ve been unsure about ps+, but what a great update.I may just join

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