May PS Plus Content Revealed

The EU blog has just posted up this month’s goody bag for all the PS+ subscribers, and it’s a fine month indeed. I count 9 free PS3 games along with a spattering of PS2 classics and minis.

Our very own Tuffcub did a bit of nifty calculation and worked out that it’s over £80 of free stuff. Not bad for £40 a year huh.

From May 2nd

PS3 Games

  • Awesomenauts – 100% off
  • Hamsterball – 100% off until July 4th
  • Wakeboarding HD – 100% off until July 4th
  • Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 100% off until July 4th
  • Sky Fighter – 100% off until July 4th
  • Ricochet HD – 100% off until July 4th
  • Mushroom Wars – 100% off until July 4th
  • Magic Orbz – 100% off until July 4th
  • Smash Cars – 100% off until July 4th
  • Classics

  • Silent Hill (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • Only available until 9th May 2012 – grab it before it’s gone!

  • Max Payne (PS2 Classic) – 100% off
  • minis

  • Velocity (minis) – 100% off and two weeks exclusively for PS Plus.
  • LA Gridlock (minis) – 100% off
  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Zack Zero – 50% off
  • James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game – 30% off
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – 30% off
  • Themes & Avatars

  • Mad Riders Plus-Exclusive Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • OddWorld Plus-Exclusive Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • And to come slightly later, there is the following.

    Still to come later in May:

  • Datura – Launch discount
  • Binary Domain – Launch discount
  • Mad Riders – Free day-one DLC pack available at launch

So there you have it. A pretty big haul of free games and content next month. Will be interesting to see how much of a discount Datura gets.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. My reaction was just ” Woah….” :P

  2. Is that Binary Domain DLC or just a digital release, do you know?

    • It’s getting a digital release.

      • Damn it, just as i got the disc. Wish there was a schedule for such things

      • But that would mean that they were actually being… Helpful.

      • Don’t be silly, it’ll be at LEAST the original physical asking price…

  3. Frigging amazing month. Love Plus.

  4. Free Max Payne is cool but the rest seems a bit ‘bleh’. Plenty of content don’t get me wrong, just naff items

    • I was kinda thinking that – I dropped in here to see what i was missing & it turns out it isn’t too much IMO.

      Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of content there, but as per usual, it is stuff i neither need nor want.

      I would only be interested in the PS3 games & i have a few of them anyway due to sales. I would even go as far as saying that some are kinda crappy IMO.

      There is a lot of value if you have never ventured into the store (for whatever reason) though.

    • I think you are being unfair, Magic Orbz and Wakeboarding may not GTAV or Battelfeild 3 but like Hydrophobia they are decent little games and absoloutely worth a play.

      • They are the two i have funnily enough.

        All of the games featured to tend to appear in the special offers section pretty regularly though (hence why i have them!).

      • Magic Orbz is brilliant!

      • Ditto, bought them already!

        The rest are nice to have for free, but wouldn’t spend money on them…

      • Forest – for the money you spent on getting those two games you could of had a couple of months of PS+ and would of got the two games plus about another £100 worth of goodies. UR DOIN IT WRNG.

      • “Could have” and “would have”; “of” never follows “could” or “would”.

      • I spent around £6 on both & have had them for years.

        I know what i’m doing! :)

      • Problem being though, if we hold off until they are free on PSN+ the developers receive very little in up-front cash & therefore we won’t get more titles. Bit of a catch 22 situation!

    • so strange how you could even say that guess some aren’t happy unless they get 100% what they want.

      • Absolutely. I’m guessing the majority of “plus’sers” are either day 1 adopters or the younger folks who have a subscription via a family member as pressie.

        Don’t get me wrong, they’ve really given good money’s worth but sadly I’ve already bought most of the deals already.

        Perhaps I should start holding off?

      • PS I know, I’m impatient. My bad.

  5. £40 a year?
    It was £32 when I re-subscribed and I got a £35 PSN Card for £25

    Can imagine Max Payne has aged badly, but looking forward to the other stuff, good update!

    • I think it’s £40, was when I originally joined way back but maybe it’s cheaper. I don’t check my bank statement out of fear so don’t know what it cost me to renew.

  6. Ridiculously good month, been looking at Mushrooms Wars from afar for ages. And Awesomenauts sounds..erm…well you know.

  7. Definitely rejoining PS+ when I get back, free awesomenauts alone sells this months update or me!

  8. Christ… thats really good also I noticed the Creat games on the US store so good EU is getting it.Two discounts are already a pass considering they seem to be poorish games, Zack Zero?.. hope it isn’t a movie tie in or something.

    ooooh Datura? that is early thought it was like xmas 2012 or something, crazy!

    • Zack Zero is actually pretty good. Just a bad name.

  9. Awesome. Not really fantastic games, but still, 9 games of which one is brand new and seems to be the best of the bunch.

  10. mushroom, yeah!

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