Starhawk Single Player Trailer Rolls Out

IGN has posted up the latest trailer for Starhawk. The trailer shines a light on the single player campaign rather than the multiplayer side that much of the pre-launch hype has focussed on.

It’s looking really good, May 11th (or 8th, if you’re in North America) can’t come soon enough.

Source: YouTube



  1. *makes Gary Neville orgasm noise* CAN.NOT.WAIT!!

  2. I really, REALLY hope that the single-player isn’t just multiplayer matches with bots strung together by a paper-thin story a la Unreal Tournament 3. This trailer is a good sign :)

  3. Looks good hey? Didn’t take part in the beta and never played warhawk so this will be very fresh to me. Now, give me some time and some money and I’m in.

  4. Looks goods but seems like the main character has no personality. I’m still picking this up though.

  5. Early May, wow I cannot wait. Loved the beta so can’t imagine what the full game will be like.

  6. I’m just buying this game for the MP so the SP will just be a bonus.

  7. *checks date*

    hurry the f up!

  8. Literally just got back from playing the single player campaign. Tis awesome. Feature coming soon :)

    • Good to hear!!

    • @Tuffcub – any info on the Limited Edition here? Noones is saying jack and I want the full fat version like the USA have :(

  9. Not sure? Will wait for reviews.

  10. Missed Warhawk….won’t be missing this.

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