Metal Gear Rising Listed For Vita In SCEA Presentation

You know how everyone has been banging on about the Vita needing some new game announcements? Well, not everyone but lots of people who want the Vita to gather a bit of momentum again after its sharp sales decline.

How about a Metal Gear game, that’d get the excitement levels up again, wouldn’t it?


Well, in a selection of presentation slides uncovered by Supererogatory, SCEA’s Head of New Business Development Group has listed Metal Gear Rising as a big third party title for the PlayStation Vita. The exciting bit is in the middle of page 7 and lists Konami’s upcoming slice-em-up alongside the ones we already know about – Call of Duty, BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, et al.

Sure, it’s not as exciting as a proper Metal Gear Solid game but it’s still bound to be a big draw for Sony’s portable powerhouse’s potential pool of players.

Source: Supererogatory



  1. If the touch screen is utilised properly, this could be brilliant. Fruit ninja rising?

    • Quick time events, cutting soldiers into small pieces!

      • maybe after this game lucasarts can finally make a game that does justice to the lightsaber.

  2. will get as long as its made by kajima productions and not platnum games.

    • I’d guess at neither, Platinum is making the big console version so they probably don’t have time, unless this is released 6 months to a year later. Kojima Productions are obviously distancing themselves a bit from the Rising project – handing it off to Platinum shows that. So a third party seems likely, like a lot of PSP games were handled, with Platinum on overwatch duties and Kojipro making sure it’s all true to the Metal Gear universe?

      That’s all assuming that this is still going ahead. It might not see the light of day at all.

      • Wouldn’t it be easier just to port the PS3 version to the Vita? It’s supposedly not that difficult and as long as they can reduce the filesize to fit on whatever the Vitas biggest game-card is, it should work.

      • If konami has found a studio as good as bend or ready at dawn to make it that would be great.

  3. But will it have a silly name? Such as Metal Gear Vitareveneganceofthesillypuppies I hope MG:R will take place between MGS 2&4 as i think Hideo tends to use the PSP for prequels when it comes to the MGS series. Plus, that is the last gap in the story that i can think off. *sticks his fingers in his hears and ignores any knowledge of revenegance*

  4. Meh! I’m not excited for rising the trailer is off putting but good to know vita is being thought of

  5. Tbh i’d rather see unique games on Vita rather than just ports of big console games.

    I have a ps3/360/pc/vita blah blah etc and this game i’d buy on the big console. Make a totally different MGS game for Vita.
    If you can buy it on ps3/360 you aren’t gonna buy it on Vita. :(

    New IP please…

  6. seeing a lot of games being announced, but nothing being delivered. i currently have an expensive paperweight on my desk…

  7. Interesting.
    Probably not one for me though, unless it gets amazing reviews.
    Seems a bit… out there.
    Plus, saying Revengeance hurts me.

  8. I don’t know enough about the console version yet but i’ll keep an eye to see how they both turn out.

  9. great news will go for the Vita version first.

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