Rayman Legends Leaks

French site, Gamekult, has gone ahead with a massive leak of the sequel to Rayman Origins. Rayman Legends is shown working with certain figures resting on the Wii U’s tablet controller. Presumably, this will add Skylanders-like functionality to the beautiful brawling sequel to last year’s best platformer.

A heart is shown adding fluttering hearts to the environment while a Rabbid gives you the long-eared terrors to pummel in the game. The video also shows, tantalisingly, a statue of Ezio from Assassin’s Creed being lifted but not what it might do in-game. We can only assume that it enables some neck-stabbing.

The Flash video is hosted on Gamekult through the source link below but the YouTube link has already been blocked by Ubisoft.

Source: Gamekult



  1. Great leek, looks fantastic again

  2. They do naff HD remakes and milk the Assassins Creed series a bit too much for my tastes, but I have to say I love Ubisoft overall. Great range of games :) Hopefully this new Rayman continues the high standards set by Origins.

  3. Looks great, surprised at how well it does on the Wii U, looking forward to a bit more info :D

  4. Oh wow! Least we know it’s coming to consoles other than Will U.

    Just hope it comes to Vita as Origins is one of my favourite games ever! And it suits the Vita down to the ground!

  5. what was all that with placing characters on the Wii U screen?

    Looks great though.

    • NFC functionality. Like the tech used in Skylanders.

  6. Fudge yeah! This looks amazing! I hope you can play these mini games locally too, nut just over the internet. Playing Rayman Legends soccer with three friends has the potential to be amazing.
    I’ll preorder the hell out of this as soon as it hits the Amazon page…

  7. Bring this to PS3/Vita (which seems likely) and I’m sold. I can’t help but think that the poor people playing with old Wii controllers must be jealous at the one or two smug tablet-player(s).

  8. good to no it will be on other consoles not getting a wiiu going for the nextgen.

    • Wii U is next gen, dood.

      • not sure you can call something that is on par with the PS3/360 a nextgen machine? when we see a video of the PS4 running think you will see what nextgen looks like.

  9. Looks amazing, can’t wait!

  10. Interesting if this makes it too the launch line-up of the Wii U, I hope its a success since I think combined with the Wii’s backlog of great games online and retail it could be excellent.

    • Agreed. With Pikmin3 pretty much a certain launch title as well, I sense a promising launch line up :)

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